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Castres, France

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Castres, France

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I am a self-taught artist from the Paris region.
Having evolved for over twenty years in the world of printing, I have experienced professionally computer and digital transition. That is, over time, become the main theme of my artistic interrogation. I work in a very open and uninhibited, giving free rein to my vision and interpretation of everything that constitutes my life.
The inexorable rise of digital in our societies now the subject of a legitimate concern and this rapid technological change turns out, for many, anxiety and source of misunderstanding. The world of art is not spared and it will be necessary to rethink the business model essential for its proper functioning.

My role as artist is to learn more about this new world, to use it as inspiration to master the technique in order to deal with the subject artistically and make it more human and mysterious.
Make inter-temporal relationship and make sense of things are now the guardians of my artistic approach.

Yves Molina.