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Barcelona, Spain


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Barcelona, Spain

Member since Jan 23, 2006
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Dicen que la mirada es el espejo del alma …

Presentation & Biography

Self-taught illustrator and painter, born in Barcelona (Spain).

... They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul ... and when you have the chance to see the paintings in the collection of World Perspectives, Carmen G. Junyent, that expression is stronger still.

Carmen conveys feeling in his paintings, vitality, sensitivity ... especially highlighting the expressive power of the gaze. His paintings never leave you indifferent, they are full of colorful, beauty, tenderness, exotic, serenity, joy ... ultimately life.

His characters are resolved with innate elegance, getting closer to the protagonists of his works, reflecting the diversity and richness of many of the people who have crossed his path, along the different trips you made.

Carmen G. Junyent has exhibited internationally in several countries among which are France, Belgium, Morocco, Norway, Canada, Singapore, Miami, New York, China, Japan, etc., highlighting its fourth Special Prize awarded by the Société National des Beaux Arts Du Paris in their presentations at the Carrousel du Louvre (Paris) and the "Silver Medal" prize awarded by the Committee of "17 International Art Fair West Lake" in Hangzhou (China).

Some of the most important painting exhibitions in which he has taken part:

November 2004 - Exhibition at International Art Fair "LINEART" in Ghent (Belgium).
January 2005 - Exhibition at Gallery Art Gaudi (Madrid).
February 2005 - Exhibition at Gallery Art ESART (Barcelona). Honorable Mention for painting "Mysterious look".
September 2005 - Exhibition at "SALA MACIÁ". (Barcelona).
January 2008 - Collective Exhibition in LATIN AMERICA MUSEUM OF ART, in California (USA). Audience Award. Painting "LOOK RISUEÑA".
December 2008 - Exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre (Paris).
April / May 2009 - Exhibition through COM2ART in AIDAC Gallery, Saint Tropez (France).
June 2009 - Exhibition in AVI - Languedoc Roussillon (France).
June / July 2009 - Exhibition at Gallery ALEPH, in Marseille (France).
June / July 2009 - Solo exhibition at Art Gallery - Club Náutico de Salou (Tarragona).
September 2009 - Exhibition at Hotel Boston, Zaragoza.
October 2009 - Exhibition in Cannes (France).
October 2009 - Exhibition at Gallery "BCM ART GALLERY" - Barcelona.
November 2009 - International Exhibition "OSLO ART FAIR" - Norway.
December 2009 - Exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre (Paris).
February 2010 - Exhibition at ART SPACE GALLERY - Berlin (Germany)
February 2010 - Exhibition in Syrian Arab Cultural Center - MADRID
April 2010 - Exhibition "CASTELLÓN IN ART" - Castellón
April 2010 - International Exhibition in Guillena (Sevilla).
June 2010 - International Exhibition in Brussels.
June 2010 - Exhibition in Perpignan.
July 2010 - International Exhibition in Vittel (France)
August 2010 - Exhibition at Sainte Marie Le Mer (France)
September 2010 - Exhibition Internat. "Cultural Exchange" -Québec City-Canada.
October 2010 - Art Gallery "PATRICIA MUÑOZ" - Sabadell
November 2010 - Exhibition at the CASTLE OF CARDONA (Barcelona).
December 2010 - Exhibition in Gallery "teresarius" - Barcelona
December 2010 - Exhibition Carrousel du Louvre (Paris).
Etc. et. etc. ...... See: CURRICULUM VITAE

Carmen Gomez Junyent (Carmen G. Junyent)

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