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During a difficult period of her life, Brigitte Nellissen embarked on painting ... therapy. The choice of this technique came the smell of paint, childhood memories. With the help of many books on the subject, she quickly evolved this hobby became a passion.
She has exhibited her paintings in different cities in Belgium and Italy. Drouot listed in 2009.
Nature is one of its main sources of inspiration, it is so hard to make her beauty, the emotion it arouses always ... Challenge for painters. His blue have a particular intensity and are a common marine she has done.
Painting is a passion that is not exhausted; the blank canvas remains the place of all possibilities, an appointment you mysterious or sometimes the painter must be guided, to forget sometimes be necessary. As in a dream, the image sometimes refuses sometimes pops up and surprises us.
Brigitte Nellissen began painting with acrylics in 2009 and each day discovers the potential of this practice.
On the occasion of Mons 2015, Capital of Culture, Brigitte Nellissen had the opportunity to work and exhibit on the theme of Van Gogh; since then, it jumps in the abstract and discovered the pleasure of working the material and colors ... and this love continues and seems infinite.

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