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News & annoucements about Artmajeur

Apr 30, 2014
New custom colors feature Comments

we have just added a new feature on your account, you may now customize your website's colors. A basic color set up has been installed, you can modify theses colors on section "My Account > Pages > Design" to best fit your work. You may also reset to default colors if you like. Additional colors and design options will be added soon !



Apr 18, 2014
Online image editor Comments 1

presenting nice images to your visitors is crucial, but it can also be a hassle when your original photo is not perfect. We have released a very simple image editor to rotate and crop images. You can access the editor from section "My Account > Images". The idea is to make sure you can offer a great browsing experience to your visitors, even if you don't have a photo editor on your computer. Let us know if you need more controls such as contrast, light, colors ?


capture-d-ecran-2014-04-18-a-17-44-16.png Online image editor



Mar 25, 2014
Artmajeur now available in hungarian language! Comments

Artmajeur is now available in hungarian, we would like to warmly thank artist Eva Dvorzsak who has spent a lot of time and energy to work on this project.
Please visit her galleries! Eva Dvorzsak



Mar 18, 2014
More impact with HD images of your artworks Comments

a great number of images are now available online. Visitors have a tremendous choice and will naturally favor websites with the best quality images.
Most visitors have screen resolutions over 1024px, so they are expecting large pictures filling their screen. High quality pictures are now a standard on at websites, so we have recently introduced new requirements for images, including the minimum size of 640 pixels. You should take this opportunity to check out the quality of your pictures: are your pictures reflecting the true quality of your work ? Are your images in sufficient size for modern computers ? Are they properly positioned and cropped ? All these aspects have a dramatic impact on how your work is perceived by the public !


hd-image-quality.jpg More impact with HD images of your artworks