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What should I do to comply with the GDPR?

The RGPD came into effect on May 25, 2018, it applies to all data of European individuals.

What are my obligations as an artist? 
The RGPD applies for all data collected and their use. As an artist, if you collect or use user / customer data, you are also bound to respect it!

Concretely, in the majority of cases, you simply need to make sure that the services you use are all compatible with the GDPR.

If you collect data yourself, you must ensure that the users concerned provide you with the same level of control and protection as the one requested by the RGPD:

  1. Data Collection: It is forbidden to collect data without the consent of users! For example, you can not collect emails or any other information on the internet.Users must specifically agree to provide you with this data, and they must be able to deny you this right.
  2. Data portability: Any user whose data you have must be able to retrieve it at any time
  3. Prevention of data theft: If you host user data, you have an obligation to do everything possible to protect against theft. If such a flight were to take place, you have the obligation to inform the users concerned.
  4. Profiling: If you use the user data for profiling purposes (to determine their preferences, send them mailings or targeted advertising), you must inform them precisely

To conclude , the new European regulation is an additional protection for all: the exploitation of our data is a sensitive subject, and the imposed framework will give us more confidence in their treatment, which is a good thing.
Whether as a company, an artist, or an art gallery, every effort must be made to build and maintain this trust!

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Maria Cristina Vega Portrait Maria Cristina Vega     Neuquen, Argentina  

Podrán enviar la información en español?. Muchísimas gracias!!!!

Giuseppina Freni Portrait Giuseppina Freni     Cairo Montenotte, Italy  

Si prega tradurre in Italiano ,grazie

Ranieri Wanderlingh Portrait Ranieri Wanderlingh     Italy  

Si prega di inviare la traduzione in Italiano. Grazie

Herbert Ruf Portrait Herbert Ruf     Germany  

Thank you very much for this information!

Cominetti Livio Portrait Cominetti Livio     Italy  

Si prega di inviare la traduzione in Italiano. Grazie