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The importance of sharing your art

If a number of Internet users and also artists are reluctant to use social networks, many artists already have an account on Facebook or other social networks, and publish content, with more or less regularity. This article aims to share our experiences and analysis of buyer behavior to promote sales.

Over-representation of social network visitors in buyers

It is  commonly accepted that social networks bring visitors to your site, and thus allow to generate traffic and interactions (comments / contacts / sales). But do you know how much?

To find out, we compiled the traffic statistics of all Artmajeur artists, it appears that traffic from social networks constitutes on average 6 to 10% of visitors.

But what is interesting is that these visitors from social networks are responsible for 20 to 30% of sales volume generated.

This means that visitors from social networks are more focused, more interested and, in short, more "engaged", which translates into: more sales.

Why do social network visitors buy more?

Several reasons can explain it:

  1. The recommendation
    A visitor who comes from a social network is "recommended" by a trusted third party (friend / family / colleague / person regularly followed, etc.). This is what gives more importance to the visit, as in the phenomenon of traditional "word of mouth".

  2. Targeting
    Unlike visitors who come from a search engine and can leave immediately as they visit many sites on the search results page, users who come from a social network have already spent time on the image gallery, the favorite images board or social profile that got them interested, or that they follow. If they decide to go further out of the social network to visit an outside site, they are more likely to pursue to a contact or purchase process.

  3. Proximity
    Visitors who follow you and share your works on the networks regularly see your work, your news, your exhibitions: it helps to create a climate of trust that is conducive to sales.

Which networks work best?

On Artmajeur, we found that the networks that work the best are (the order varies significantly depending on each artists):

  • Instagram 
    The concept of "stories" allows to establish a real proximity with the public, showing both the works in progress, and general photos of the workshop, exhibitions etc ...

  • Facebook
    Very popular, generalist network, less focused on Art, but with a very important user base

  • Pinterest
    Network specialized in images: users create thematic boards, which are then consulted by users. Your works are then shared with other similar works, which creates a strong and specialized context surrounding a given theme.

How to benefit from this free exhibition?

It's very simple: you have to share your work to the fullest! Artmajeur offers you all the tools you need with share buttons on the right of your works, and with Facebook integration (buy button on Facebook + art shop on Facebook).

To enjoy a visit boost, share your new works as soon as they are posted:

  • Make sure the image is perfectly documented (title, description, price, dimensions, keywords)
  • Use the share buttons on the right side of the image
  • Always accompany your publications with a small message or personal comment for more proximity with the public, it multiplies the number of sharings ;)

PS: do not hesitate to ask your audience to share your work as well, the viral effect is considerable and your work will be seen even more!

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Dan Burris Portrait Dan Burris     France  

Yes, we need to share our own art to our networks as soon as possible so that themselves also share to their network, it is like a viral marketing !

Igor Bronzov Portrait Igor Bronzov     Сосенский, Russia  

Yes, social networks are now very popular in the world and not only among young people.