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Strong Password: upgrade your account's security

Added Apr 15, 2019 | Permalink | Comments 10

Attacks against web services are intensifying to gain access to databases, user accounts and business data. The largest companies have already been exposed to major breach (Facebook, linkedIn, Sony etc ...) and we also receive many reports and inquiries from our members !

The Artmajeur platform is frequently undergoing security audits, and we also work with security consultants who help us to further secure the platform by searching for bugs or security vulnerabilities.

Strong password

To further improve the security of the site, we now strongly suggest to use a strong password, that means a password with special characters, capital letters or numbers. The main benefit of a strong password is that pirates will find it much more difficult to break, your account is way more secure!

There are other very simple initiatives, that can drastically improve the security of your account. By following these recommendations, you make sure that your passwords are difficult to find, and that all your different accounts on the net are well compartmentalized and independent:

  1. Create a strong password now:
    • At least 8 characters
    • With uppercase and lowercase
    • With a special character, for example @ or $
    • With one or more numbers

  2. Use a different password for each internet service
    • At a minimum, make sure you have a different password on your email provider
    • If possible, use different passwords for all web services

  3. Use the password registration feature of your browser
    • Your browser can save your password, which saves you from having to type it in every time
    • By avoiding to enter the password, you prevent someone from seeing your password, or a virus on your computer from saving it without your knowledge !

  4. Never communicate your password to anyone !

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