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Added Aug 19, 2019 | Comments (5)

Sell your own limited editions

A new marketing option is available, it makes it possible to better describe and market works for sale : the limited editions.

In addition to selling unique original works, you now have the opportunity to offer  works in multiple copies for sale, and then specify in a standardized manner all the components of the series, including:

  • Number of copies
  • Number of artist's proofs
  • Number of copies "out of trade"
  • The number of the copy on sale

Completing the general information about the work (techniques, support, description etc ...), these elements provide the opportunity to perfectly describe the piece that is on sale. These indications are translated and therefore accessible to visitors from all over the world in their language!

This feature is originally thought for photography, prints and sculptures traditionally offered as multiples, but is available for all categories.

This is the first phase of features for limited editions, exclusive and innovative features are in development and will expand our offer in the coming months to give you even more marketing opportunities! We are listening if you have any comments, or improvements to suggest?

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Comments 5

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Анатолий Лютенко Portrait Анатолий Лютенко     Russia  

Чтобы увидеть надо закрыть глаза ..

Roxana Ferllini Portrait Roxana Ferllini     United Kingdom  

I am using this feature, easy to set up - thank you

Ricardo Baez Portrait Ricardo Baez     Caracas, Venezuela  

I would like to know how to activate thsi feature and know the details, who prints, who delivers teh prints etc.

Norbert de Jong Portrait Norbert de Jong     Netherlands  

Ik wil dat graag

Friss Portrait Friss     France  

Nice, I actually suggested this feature earlier ! thank you