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For a long time, the portrait was considered as the official practice before gradually falling into oblivion. In evolving, the portrait becomes less and less academic and opens up to new art forms and styles such as digital art or street art. Here is a selection of original portraits to pamper your interior.

The artist Bayonas offers us a series of very pop portraits, made of paper glued on canvas and enhanced with paint, prints and ink. The rendering is close to posters that would have naturally aged in the street. The highlights are engravings printed on the face and hair. They are traces and prints, the central theme of his work. 

The artist Guillaume Brun, presents an oil portrait on canvas of "Julia", a young woman, highlighted by chiaroscuro and the use of warm tones. 

Slovakian street artist Miloš Hronec offers a "Dance mood" portrait inspired by rap and alternative cultures, creating portraits of popular people. 

Artist Mila Plaickner offers an expressive portrait of a man against a background that evokes nature and the forest in an abstract way. 

The artist Luc Pierre has created an almost abstract portrait in which the volutes of hair blend into an invisible face.

Many other original portrait works are to be explored in our selection made for you. To be discovered asap.


street art Pop art portrait abstract

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