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New version of the Biography and News section!

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A new version of the Artmajeur profile is available, with additional features more specific and simpler to present your work and keep in touch with the public.

Biography Section

The biography section now allows you to detail precisely all aspects of your artistic career, the recognition obtained, your influences, your training:

  • PRO Artist: Possibility to indicate that you are practicing as a Professional Artist
  • Quote: welcome visitors with one of your quotes inspired, and representative of your approach!
  • Achievements: Prizes and Awards, Solo / Collective Exhibitions, Artist Residences, Permanent Collections
  • Press: Easily archive all your press articles and publications!
  • Training: specify your academic training
  • Influences: Specify your influences, the great artists who have marked or inspired you
  • The artist at work: Present a beautiful picture in large format in your studio or at work to give a more human side to your profile, it is so important for visitors!

New version of the biography

New version of the News section

The News section has become simpler and more readable, so you can easily share 4 major types of content:

  • Image
  • Videos
  • Articles / Messages
  • Events

Programmable Publication Date:

Schedule your publications in advance, or reorganize your current publications using the date of publication!

Feature a publication :

Is a publication more important than others? Do you want it to appear first to visitors? Use the "pin to top" feature.

NB: the old articles that used to be in the biography section were transferred to the News section, you may rearrange them by modifying the date of publication if needed.

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La lettre Artmajeur Octobre 2016

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La newsletter de Octobre 2016 est disponible !

Découvrez en exclusivité notre sélection mensuelle d'oeuvres d'art originales et d'impressions haut de gamme par les artistes de Artmajeur :




La lettre Artmajeur 4 janv. 2016

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Toute l’équipe de Artmajeur vous souhaite une bonne et heureuse année 2016, riche en expériences et réussites artistiques. En 2015 Artmajeur a fêté ses 15 ans ! Nous remercions donc tous les artistes et amateurs d’art pour leurs soutiens indéfectibles et leurs talents.


Quoi de neuf ?

Sélection de nouvelles œuvres d'art originales


Sélection de reproductions d'art

Finition mate ou brillante, encadrement caisse américaine et encadrement avec passe-partout.


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