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New version of the Artist profile!

A new version of the profile of the members has been put in place. It has been developed in collaboration with collectors and art lovers, of whom we have made dozens of interviews!

For collectors:
The new presentation allows a simpler and more homogeneous access to your works, including the ability to filter more easily by price, recent works and access directly to what they are looking for.

For artists:
Some elements are now presented on the PRESENTATION tab, so as not to overload the profile's home page and maintain easier and clearer access for collectors who access your gallery. Content management is also improved and above all more visible.

What changes:

The profile homepage

Visitors now go directly to the gallery with a direct view of the works.

Visitors can filter works by price / recent works / galleries

The default view

You have the option to choose the starting view of your gallery from the ranking menu.

Subscribers / artists followed / collections of favorites

These data are now available from the PRESENTATION tab

BLOG / VIDEO / AGENDA sections are available on NEWS

The video section is merged with the Blog

Your opinion is important to us: Feel free to contact us at support to give us your opinion on the novelties and improvements you want!   

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Comments 15

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▪▪ Lorenzina B ▪▪ Portrait ▪▪ Lorenzina B ▪▪     Romania  

I'm not excited at all about the new version of the artist profile... compared to the Previous Version that Was Excellent, the current one does not seem to me neither better structured, and nor more visually attractive. It would have been desirable to keep the things as simple, so that the information can be accessed as quickly as possible, in the conditions in which the time is so precious to each of us. The New Version of the Artist Profile is Not an Incentive for Artists to be more active online.. Sorry... ! The Guestbook no longer appears, is only found in a mix with the comments from artist's works. In addition, it's Very Unpleasant to Read these Long Rows of Words (from comments and *recent activity), and also, it's so unaesthetically ! It would have been much better to keep the writing in short rows..

Swarna Rao Portrait Swarna Rao     India  

Very good update makes it much more simple and clear

Johannes Murat Portrait Johannes Murat     Germany  

Site very well done, easy to understand, all thanks Artmajeur

Roachie - The Gallipoli Artist Portrait Roachie - The Gallipoli Artist     Gallipoli, Turkey  

Maybe I did something g wrong or maybe it's on my mobile but it seems the name and profile of the artist is no longer apparent. This makes it look a bit like a supermarket advertising home decor prints lol

Rania Emmanouel Portrait Rania Emmanouel     Greece  

Very nice, thank you , your novelties are all ways for the best

Poonam Choudhary Portrait Poonam Choudhary     New York, United States  

nice upgrade !

Nick Ercsei Portrait Nick Ercsei     United Kingdom  

Maybe for the collectors is easier to access some features and the background could be much better, but for the artist who struggles to find time to be on-line is not a boost. Sorry....

Marija Sviličić Portrait Marija Sviličić     Zagreb, Croatia  

Very nice! Thank you very much ARTMAJEUR!

Reda Pinchera Portrait Reda Pinchera     Ireland  

Yes, it does looks better, more organized, easier to use! Love it! Thank you very much ARTMAJEUR!

Jean Dubreil Portrait Jean Dubreil     Paris, France  

Very nice, now the profiles are clean and smooth, great to browse art, tx for the upgrade

Sri Vidya Atkuru Portrait Sri Vidya Atkuru     Singapore  

Such a nice upgrade. Thank you!!

Александр Глухов Portrait Александр Глухов     Russia  

Alus, I don't like it at all because the site starts working very bad. Now it needs to wait too long in order to open every page - approximately two minutes

Mirjana Zirdum Portrait Mirjana Zirdum     Croatia  

its really nice!

Jan Wall Portrait Jan Wall     Placerville CA, United States  

Yes, looks very good, and easier to use. Thanks!

Friss Portrait Friss     France  

Sounds great! love the new design, much light and easy to read, thank you for the updates !