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New status "published/non-published" for artworks

The importance of the first impression

All new works that you add to your account appear on Artmajeur's homepage, and on the New Works section, so you have to make sure that your works are presented in their best light, and well documented before offering them to the public !

New status "unpublished work"

A new publication status has been installed for artworks. It specifically allows to NOT publish a work immediately when it is loaded.

Why ?

When you load a new work, it is not yet documented (title / description), it is not necessarily in the right category, it has no price, dimensions etc ...

Now, new works are added with the new status "NOT PUBLISHED": you have the time that you need to document perfectly your work:

  • title
  • Description
  • Dimensions
  • Category
  • price
  • Keywords

And most importantly, you can perfectly crop your image with the tools of cropping / rotation available directly on the page of modification.

How to publish a new work?

Once your new artwork is perfectly framed and documented, just click the PUBLISH button at the bottom of the artwork edit form. Your artwork will then be shown to the public on your profile, on the gallery, and on Artmajeur's homepage!

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L'Orientaliste Portrait L'Orientaliste     United Kingdom  

I think this new feature is a good idea, that the artwork is not published immediately the image has been uploaded onto the site. It allows time to document the details regarding artwork, to crop and add additions images etc. before publication. Thanks Artmajeur. Je pense que cette nouvelle fonctionnalité est une bonne idée, que l’œuvre n’est pas publiée dès que l’image a été téléchargée sur le site. Il permet de documenter les détails concernant les illustrations, de recadrer et d'ajouter des images supplémentaires, etc., avant la publication. Merci Artmajeur.