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New classification options

Added Jul 15, 2019 | Permalink | Comments 9

Information about works is by far the most important element that buyers want to know when they are interested in a work.

We have installed new options to perfectly describe the techniques used, the materials, as well as the possible rigid frame supporting the work. These details are standardized and translated into all languages, to better inform visitors and trigger more sales!

We are aware of the great plurality of techniques, materials and supports used by artists, which is why we have chosen the most important techniques for each category (painting, drawing, sculpture etc ...). If you create works using several techniques, you can select all the techniques used, even if they are in several different categories: painting techniques + drawing techniques for example.

Depending on the requests, we will gradually add other techniques and materials: do not hesitate to tell us the techniques you are missing!

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Comments 9

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Jutta Blühberger Portrait Jutta Blühberger     Austria  

Wonderful improvement! Can you please add "Pigments"? Thanks!

Ariane Canta-Brejnik Portrait Ariane Canta-Brejnik     Spain  

Same as Barry, the "view in a room" is not good at all for my work but ok, i've seen your answer so i'll wait but won't upload till the changes are done :)

Alexiani Portrait Alexiani     Acqui Terme (AL), Italy  

Semper ad maiora ! Grazie !!!

peppeluciani Portrait peppeluciani     Italy  


Dan Burris Portrait Dan Burris     Florida, United States  

nice, precision is better, clients like precision

Artmajeur Portrait Artmajeur     France  

Hi Barry, thank you for your feedback, "the view in a room" is in beta mode. It will indeed be upgraded soon with additional options for small artworks in a neutral context to fit most art styles. Thank you for your patience

Barry Farley Visual Arts Portrait Barry Farley Visual Arts     AR, United States  

Greetings, I've been with Artmajeur for a while and have enjoyed the experience, thus far, and have embraced all of the updates and additions, up to this point, except for one. The option to view your work in a room really makes my work look small, undetailed, and misrepresented. You can't even zoom in to see the work unless you exit that option and click directly on the art, as per usual. So do I need to create works that are massive to really benefit from this option? I understand that it is set to scale, but for smaller works it's embarrassing! Plus the room chosen to display the art doesn't work for all styles and subject matter. This new addition needs to be optional for the artist to toggle off and on or, you need to have more rooms to choose from that fits the art being displayed. I feel as if you have pushed this on us, without the consideration of the artist. Best Wishes, Barry Farley Abstract & Figurative Expressionist Barry Farley Visual Arts

Nataliya Bagatskaya Portrait Nataliya Bagatskaya     Ukraine  

Hello. Is it possible to make a ready pop-up list of the year the painting was written, starting from the current year?

Friss Portrait Friss     France  

Thanks for the new feature, may I suggest additional techniques specific to digital arts ? like photoshop, illustrator, wacom tablet etc... ?