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Emma is sick of the Scandi style. Its cold, pale, boring tones and colours are no longer for her. What Emma likes is to bring summer, into her home. Since her trip to Tijuana, azure blue, fuchsia pink or spicy yellow have marked her heart forever. But how to give this Mexican "warmth" without remodeling the apartment from top to bottom?

Emma's most complex task is the living room. To do this, she decides to put three photos of Josué Lago in a large format (from $21 / £17,5 / €19) representing women with the make-up of the dead during the traditional Mexican celebration of the dead (Día de Los Muertos).

For the adjoining dining room, she opted for a work by the Mexican artist Mija Zachs with a round painting Esmeraldas ($876 /£745 / €812) which she placed above the sideboard.

On the opposite wall, she has chosen two geometrically patterned paintings by the artist Garlun represented by the gallery "Art et Emotion" (Lausanne - Switzerland); Labyrinthe de la Passion ($6,474 / £5,504 / €6,000) and Labyrinthe de la Solitude ($6,474 / £5,504 / €6,000).

For the entrance, she added a touch of originality by superimposing three mural sculptures by the young artist Yared Castro (from $540 / £459 / €500) which recall with a contemporary touch the traditional Mexican sculpture.

For her room, she opted for a large photo by the French artist Mathilde Oscar representing a woman looking like Frida Khalo.

and for Stella's room, her 4-year-old daughter, she chose two naive paintings representing a dog ($863 / £734 / €800) and a man on a blue background ($831 / £706 / €770) by the artist Gabo Mendoza represented by the Volupt Art Gallery (Schiedam, Netherlands).

Emma is thrilled. The sun has finally come into her home, it has become more welcoming and all her friends are amazed by the result with so little work!

So if you too, like Emma, want to make the leap and bring Mexico into your home, don't hesitate to follow her advice as well as browse our selection of works to change your life.


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