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March News: Activity Report, Statistics Section

Added Mar 18, 2019 | Permalink | Comments 10

Simplification of the Statistics module

Simpler, faster, the statistics section has been optimized: Number of views, images added to favorites, people who follow you, you now access at a glance all the key figures, with quick access to 3 most popular works over the period.

Detailed statistics

The detailed statistics allow you to browse the details of the most viewed and most collected works of the period, as well as to analyze the visitor traffic that you receive (locality, demographics, behaviors), it is now possible to analyze up to 3 years of data!

New activity report

Simpler, more readable, every week you will find all the information about the activity of your account, and that of the artists you follow!

The new activity report is now available by email, it includes all the important information of your account:

  • Unread Notifications
  • Account statistics report
  • Activity of your network

You can choose the frequency of the report according to your needs from Daily to Monthly, or disable the report if you wish. The report configuration is available on section MY ARTMAJEUR > SETTINGS.

Artmajeur New feature statistics


Comments 10

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Jan Wall Portrait Jan Wall     Placerville CA, United States  

Very nice work. Thank you!

Jean Dubreil Portrait Jean Dubreil     Paris, France  

Thanks for the upgrade, its quite simple and faster to get important info

Tawengwa Magada Portrait Tawengwa Magada     Zimbabwe  

Very nice indeed, thank you for the upgrade.

gabriele civelli Portrait gabriele civelli     Italy  

Concordo con giudizio deludente

Giacomo Franzini Portrait Giacomo Franzini     Italy  

Grazie x il complimento..... peccato non è veritiero . In quanto lo stesso messaggio ....e non per la prima volta è stato inviato alla stessa ora è allo stesso giorno a Civelli Gabriele in quanto e il mio socio artistico. Da parte mia e molto negativo .

Gustavo Moller Portrait Gustavo Moller     Saltillo zona Centro, Mexico  


Валерий Семенихин Portrait Валерий Семенихин     Липецк, Russia  

У вас одна из самых лучших художественных платформ, если не самая лучшая. Одни благодарности!

Dan Burris Portrait Dan Burris     Florida, United States  

Looks good, thank you for the upgrade

Boyan Yanev Portrait Boyan Yanev     Bulgaria  

Thank you for the service you constantly improve!

Friss Portrait Friss     France  

nice, I find it more convenient and especially faster