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Josh grew up too fast !

Josh has grown up. You may not have noticed, but he has. This morning at breakfast, he said he was sick of his "baby" bed, his teddy bear and balloon decor. It's a shock. It's time to remove the wall paper and start painting his bedroom.

Josh is a Stars Wars fan. We thought we'd turn his room into a spaceship. But if he's not interested anymore in science fiction in a year, we'll have to redo the whole thing.

So why not hang some of his favorite characters' artworks on the wall... A few clicks on Artmajeur, my favorite online gallery, and I found a lot of good ideas.

For Darth Vader, I chose a large acrylic canvas by the artist Léa Roche (620€) who created a rather original variation of the famous character.

For Yoda, an original watercolor in square format by the artist Jo Ross (157€)

I then fell in love with a series of photos by artist Anthony Hochet depicting an imperial soldier, Darth Vader and the bounty hunter Boba fett (art prints starting at €21).

For the famous R2 robot, I chose a photo by the photographer Jean Charles OUVRARD (515€)

I also fell in love with a very original print by the Belgian artist Art de Noé, who managed to represent the whole Star Wars universe in a single drawing (print starting at 20 €).

In short, a very creative selection. And even if Josh doesn't like any more than 6 months, I will enjoy to put these works in our living room!


star wars science fiction darth vader R2D2

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