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February's news: Notifications on your account

Added Feb 18, 2019 | Permalink | Comments 13

Fewer emails, better information

The increase in activity on the site in recent years has considerably increased the number of email notifications sent to members, with several consequences:

  • Too many emails or notifications are sent (30 comments = 30 emails!)
  • Important messages go unnoticed while others overload the mailbox!
  • Reports in SPAM penalizing for all mailings

Some artists want to continue to receive notifications immediately, others who receive many would prefer to receive them grouped, like once a week. We had to find a way to accommodate all the different needs.

A new "non-intrusive" notification module

To take all cases into account, we started to implement a scalable and non-intrusive notification service. It allows to group notifications so as not to be flooded with emails if you receive for example 30 comments, you will receive only one notification.

Artists who wish can still receive all notifications by email. It is possible to precisely manage the notifications that you want to receive by email on the section: " MY ARTMAJEUR >  SETTINGS > NOTIFICATIONS".

Please let us know how the new notification system is working for you !

Online payments upgrade

Your payment interface will be upgraded shortly!

- New payment methods will be available

- Better control of the payment methods you use for subscriptions

- The possibility for customers who buy art, to pay directly by Credit Card, wire transfer, PAYPAL or any other payment method they wish in their home country.

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Comments 13

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Dan Burris Portrait Dan Burris     Florida, United States  

Thank you, that looks good !

Galerie & Atelier HÜTHER Portrait Galerie & Atelier HÜTHER     Göllheim, Germany  

Interessante Perspektiven. Danke!

Pina Bastos Portrait Pina Bastos     Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  

Vous etes super!

Jan Wall Portrait Jan Wall     Placerville CA, United States  

Sounds very thoughtful.

l'orientaliste Portrait l'orientaliste     London, United Kingdom  

look forward to seeing the new format changes and the fact that we can choose what notification to receive. Artmajuer gets better and better!

Mario Hernández Saavedra Portrait Mario Hernández Saavedra     Mexico  

Excelentes cambios.

Tawengwa Magada Portrait Tawengwa Magada     Zimbabwe  

A very good idea

Martin Ashkhatoev Portrait Martin Ashkhatoev     Georgia  

Great idea!

Justin legrand Dimbeng Portrait Justin legrand Dimbeng     Douala, Cameroon  

Good idea, it will increase business and people can buy all over the wolrd. i expect it very soon.

Валерий Семенихин Portrait Валерий Семенихин     Липецк, Russia  

Всё ОК. Прекрасный сервис. Благодарю.

Florene Welebny Portrait Florene Welebny     Florida, United States  

I like the changes and it does seem easier for the customer to purchase. I hope it works ,I'd love to get some sales and upload more art.

Claire McInnerny Portrait Claire McInnerny     France  

Yes, good changes. It should be a lot easier for buyers. Too many details about the works too. Potentiel buyers can ask for details

Micheal Driscoll Portrait Micheal Driscoll     MD, United States  

This looks like it will make things a lot easier for clients (on the odd chance I ever get some)