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Discover Ireland !

From Dublin to Connemara, from Londonderry to Cork, Ireland is an island of special colours. Its changing weather and the singularity of its landscapes are a source of inspiration for artists. Discover the charms of this island through the eye of the artists.

This Irish walk starts with a humorous note from the artist Jean-Noël L'Harmeroult. His photo "Umbrella for 'Lovers'!" has been taken during a walk in Connemara on a rainy day.

In the county of Clare, Hélène Gondelle makes us discover an abandoned tower on the edge of the cliffs of Moher (art prints from $ 25)

Ewa Figaszewska who made a series of photos on the Irish seaside and beaches for a project of 35 photos made during the summer of 2009. To be discovered!

The sun shining in the low clouds reflecting and sparkling on the waters of Lough Swilly, is the work of the Irish artist Stephen Diggin who makes us perfectly feel the special atmosphere of this island with its ever-changing skies.

The Celtic civilization left a strong mark on Ireland. The typical interlacing of Celtic drawings can also be found in the works and drawings of the Irish artist Ruairi from Belfast.

The painter Emma Cownie creates many views of Ireland as here a landscape behind the beautiful Magheraroarty Beach in Gweedore, Donegal, Ireland. In the distance is Muckish Mountain.

Green Ireland still has many surprises in store for you to discover in our selection.



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