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You have an atypical background. What made you become an artist ?

After my secondary school graduation in Science, I wanted to become an architect, but for financial reasons, I could not continue my studies. I started to make creations first out of passion, then I had the idea to show them and the success was immediate with several sales.

Why are you working on this little-used material that is paper?

I've had this passion for paper all my life. I remember my passion for origami as a child. When I grew up, it evolved. One of the things I had fun doing was carving paper with a scalpel during some boring classes.

How do you design a work ?

I always start from sketches I've made before. I start from the global form I want to create, then I'll work on the cut and the color. My work being very thorough, any mistake is fatal. There's no eraser to erase a cross-cut scalpel ! When I start a new work, I am so focused on the result, that I work there continuously, even if I have to spend a whole night there.

Precision and gesture are very important in my work. They have significantly improved over the years.


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MANIFESTO Anatoly Lyutenko. GLORY TO PRIMITIVISM IN THE UNION WITH SURREALISM! The merging of primitivism and surrealism into a new conceptual vision of today is the basis of my artistic work. The modern mind is formed on the basis of working with large amounts of information that are scanned on a monitor, read by the eye and “stacked” into the brain’s vaults in a few seconds. Details are not important! That is why realism falls, with its cumbersome perception, into the abyss. Like this? After all, it would seem that it is realism that is a reflection of reality? But no: the computer monitor or the “iPhone” turned the human brain upside down.