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News & annoucements about Artmajeur

March News: Activity Report, Statistics Section

Added Mar 18, 2019 | Permalink | Comments 10

Simplification of the Statistics module

Simpler, faster, the statistics section has been optimized: Number of views, images added to favorites, people who follow you, you now access at a glance all the key figures, with quick access to 3 most popular works over the period.

Detailed statistics

The detailed statistics allow you to browse the details of the most viewed and most collected works of the period, as well as to analyze the visitor traffic that you receive (locality, demographics, behaviors), it is now possible to analyze up to 3 years of data!

New activity report

Simpler, more readable, every week you will find all the information about the activity of your account, and that of the artists you follow!

The new activity report is now available by email, it includes all the important information of your account:

  • Unread Notifications
  • Account statistics report
  • Activity of your network

You can choose the frequency of the report according to your needs from Daily to Monthly, or disable the report if you wish. The report configuration is available on section MY ARTMAJEUR > SETTINGS.

Artmajeur New feature statistics


February's news: Notifications on your account

Added Feb 18, 2019 | Permalink | Comments 13

Fewer emails, better information

The increase in activity on the site in recent years has considerably increased the number of email notifications sent to members, with several consequences:

  • Too many emails or notifications are sent (30 comments = 30 emails!)
  • Important messages go unnoticed while others overload the mailbox!
  • Reports in SPAM penalizing for all mailings

Some artists want to continue to receive notifications immediately, others who receive many would prefer to receive them grouped, like once a week. We had to find a way to accommodate all the different needs.

A new "non-intrusive" notification module

To take all cases into account, we started to implement a scalable and non-intrusive notification service. It allows to group notifications so as not to be flooded with emails if you receive for example 30 comments, you will receive only one notification.

Artists who wish can still receive all notifications by email. It is possible to precisely manage the notifications that you want to receive by email on the section: " MY ARTMAJEUR >  SETTINGS > NOTIFICATIONS".

Please let us know how the new notification system is working for you !

Online payments upgrade

Your payment interface will be upgraded shortly!

- New payment methods will be available

- Better control of the payment methods you use for subscriptions

- The possibility for customers who buy art, to pay directly by Credit Card, wire transfer, PAYPAL or any other payment method they wish in their home country.

lettre artmajeur notifications New feature payment


New version of the Biography and News section!

Added Dec 20, 2018 | Permalink | Comments 1

A new version of the Artmajeur profile is available, with additional features more specific and simpler to present your work and keep in touch with the public.

Biography Section

The biography section now allows you to detail precisely all aspects of your artistic career, the recognition obtained, your influences, your training:

  • PRO Artist: Possibility to indicate that you are practicing as a Professional Artist
  • Quote: welcome visitors with one of your quotes inspired, and representative of your approach!
  • Achievements: Prizes and Awards, Solo / Collective Exhibitions, Artist Residences, Permanent Collections
  • Press: Easily archive all your press articles and publications!
  • Training: specify your academic training
  • Influences: Specify your influences, the great artists who have marked or inspired you
  • The artist at work: Present a beautiful picture in large format in your studio or at work to give a more human side to your profile, it is so important for visitors!

New version of the biography

New version of the News section

The News section has become simpler and more readable, so you can easily share 4 major types of content:

  • Image
  • Videos
  • Articles / Messages
  • Events

Programmable Publication Date:

Schedule your publications in advance, or reorganize your current publications using the date of publication!

Feature a publication :

Is a publication more important than others? Do you want it to appear first to visitors? Use the "pin to top" feature.

NB: the old articles that used to be in the biography section were transferred to the News section, you may rearrange them by modifying the date of publication if needed.

new feature artmajeur profile biography news


NEW type of multi-artists profile for art galleries, artists associations, artist agents, artists collectives

Added Sep 19, 2018 | Permalink | Comments 1

Artmajeur launches a new type of profile: The MULTI-ARTISTS account!

Why a new type of profile?

This profile is a necessity to better meet the needs of art galleries, artist's agents and artists' associations, with more powerful tools adapted to their communication, management and recruitment needs.

With more than 6,000 galleries are already registered, more and more art galleries, but also artists' agents, and cultural associations use Artmajeur to recruit artists!

The process of finding and recruiting  artists by art galleries and artistic agents around the world is facilitated by a very simple invitation / application service.

This account is perfectly adapted to:

  • Art Galeries
  • Artists Agents
  • Artistic associations
  • Groups / artist collectives
  • Cities cultural department, cultural organizations etc ...

What are the benefits for artists?

  1. More likely to be recruited by galleries or agents!
  2. Ability to leave the administration of his account to a gallery in case of exclusivity requested by the gallery
  3. Ability to entrust his account to a trusted third party who takes care of everything (works, messages, transactions)

What advantage for galleries or associations?

The group's artists appear directly on the profile of the gallery with his works, biography.

It allows a single administrator to:

  • Create artists accounts
  • Invite existing artists (whether they are on Artmajeur or outside)
  • Present / follow / sell very easily the works of multiple artists!
  • Benefit from powerful tools to manage the communication of his group of artists

Optionally, the administrator of the multi-artist account can also:

  • Fully manage the account of the artist and all its contents
  • Manage messages, transactions for all his artists

Create your multi-artist profile for your association, your art gallery or your artist collective, it's easy and free!

Use the "Register" button at the top right of the Artmajeur pages, and select the type of account that corresponds to your group.

You can also checkout the Online Documentation.

new feature multi artists account art galleries artists associations artists agents


New status "published/non-published" for artworks

Added Aug 20, 2018 | Permalink | Comments 1

The importance of the first impression

All new works that you add to your account appear on Artmajeur's homepage, and on the New Works section, so you have to make sure that your works are presented in their best light, and well documented before offering them to the public !

New status "unpublished work"

A new publication status has been installed for artworks. It specifically allows to NOT publish a work immediately when it is loaded.

Why ?

When you load a new work, it is not yet documented (title / description), it is not necessarily in the right category, it has no price, dimensions etc ...

Now, new works are added with the new status "NOT PUBLISHED": you have the time that you need to document perfectly your work:

  • title
  • Description
  • Dimensions
  • Category
  • price
  • Keywords

And most importantly, you can perfectly crop your image with the tools of cropping / rotation available directly on the page of modification.

How to publish a new work?

Once your new artwork is perfectly framed and documented, just click the PUBLISH button at the bottom of the artwork edit form. Your artwork will then be shown to the public on your profile, on the gallery, and on Artmajeur's homepage!

new status published artwork new feature


Switching to the HTTPS protocol: Security first

Added Jan 13, 2017 | Permalink | Comments

You may have already noticed it? Artmajeur was of course already available in HTTPS, but the entire Artmajeur platform has now been  100% redirected to the HTTPS security protocol.

This means that the connection between your computer and your site is now always secured by an SSL key that protects your data and your privacy as well as that of your customers.

The HTTPS protocol is a bit heavier, its deployment on the whole platform can slow down very slightly the loading speed of the pages, but this is largely compelled by the advantages brought:

  • Reassuring customers
  • Protects the confidentiality of your data
  • Allows better indexing on GOOGLE!

Google gives increasing importance to the security of sites, and announced that from now on, they will take into account the HTTPS protocol in the ranking of sites.

Make sure you always have the small green padlock next to HTTPS in the address bar when you enter a password or make a transaction!


artmajeur-https.png Switching to the HTTPS protocol: Security first

https new feature security


New custom Watermarking feature

Added Nov 21, 2016 | Permalink | Comments

Artmajeur allows to protect all the images with the addition of an unalterable watermark to the very core of the image, all with a simple click from the section MY ARTMAJEUR > IMAGES PROTECTION.

The watermark can also be removed on all images with a single click, so you do not have to work to edit each image with an image editing software to add watermarks.

Today, we deploy a new personalized watermark service, the watermark now appears IN THE CENTER of the image with lines that take the entire image, for maximum protection.

For PLATINUM members, the watermark is also personalized with the menber's Artmajeur account address !

NB: We do not recommend the use of the watermark because it degrades the perceived quality of the images and it is not pleasant to look at. But if you want to use a watermark, then use Artmajeur to do it the simple way and with class !


watermark image protection new feature


New login page

Added Nov 5, 2016 | Permalink | Comments

We have deployed a new login page, more simple, and more entertaining !
The background image is randomly selected from recently uploaded arts and allows an even greater visibility for artists :


new feature login page