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Auvers S/o, France

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Presentation & Biography

Bernard Vercruyce was born in Rheims into 1949 from a family of Flemish origin.
It is in 1971 that it starts to paint in a regular way. Its?uvres is exposed in the following museums .
- National museum of the Old Laval Castle.France.
- Museum of Naïve art of the Island of Vicq France.
- Museum St Denis Rheims.France.
- International museum of Naïve art Anatole Jakovsky Nice. France.
- Museum Louis Senlecq Isle-Adam.France.
- Museum of Contemporary art of the Prince Murat Castle of Nointel.France.
- Museum Charles-François Daubigny Auvers-on-Oise.France.
- Museum of Naïve art max Fourny/Market St Pierre Paris. France.
- Museum of the House of Templiers Caudebec-in-Caux.France.
- Museum of the Citadel Beautiful-Isle-in-Sea.France.
- Museum of the Baron Gerard Bayeux. France.
- International museum of the Richelieu Cat. France.
- Museum of the Natural science Orleans.France.
- Museum of Contemporary art of Chamalières.France.
- Museum of the Houplines-Lille Lithography.France.
- Museum of the Sea Paimpol. France.
- French museum of the chart to play Issy-les-Moulineaux.France.
- Museum of Gorze . Gorze.France.
- Museum of Landskrona Landskrona/Sweden.
- Museum of Beautiful Arts of Sherbrooke Quebec/Canada.
- Museum of the House of humour and the satire Gabrovo/Bulgaria.
- Museum of Naïve art of Lasne Lasne/Belgium.
- Museo Internazionale LED the ex libris G.d' Annunzio Pescara/Italy.
- Katzen Museum - Swiss Riehen Basle/.
- Katinu Muziejus (Museum of the Cat) Siauliai/Lithuania.
- Katten-Kabinet Amsterdam/Netherlands.
- Foundation for the Museum of the Swiss Lausanne Cat/.
- International museum of Naïve art of the castle of Levizzano. Castelvetro/Italy.
- C.A.C. Cergy-Pontoise. France.
- National Library Paris.France.
- Public library. Seyne s/Mer. France.
- Library Louis Nucéra Nice France.
Self-educated painter, Bernard VERCRUYCE was born in Rheims, in 1949 - France. Raised by his maternal grandparents, it "is impregnated" by painting as of its youth. Indeed, his/her grandfather starts to paint with the retirement. This grandfather is not other than Camille VAN HYFTE, which exposed with O' Brady, Bauchant, Bombois, Vivin, etc... in the Fifties. The child familiarizes himself with the pots and the odors of painting, the fabrics and the brushes. He wants to imitate this grandfather that he admires by subtilizing (in his knowledge, he believes) a little color to him. What appears a play, a priori, in fact an element is determining for the continuation. It settles then with AUVERS-on-Oise with his parents, and, happy coincidence, is being the neighbor of the house of Doctor Gachet. This doctor who agrees to take care on Vincent Van Gogh the time of his passage of Auvers. Impassioned by painting and engraving, it engraves with Pissarro and initiates Cézanne and Guillaumin as it will try to do it, later, with Vincent. This philanthropist is also large in love with the cats. He had some up to ten se...