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Apps for Secondary students


Secondary Education students can review the lessons of all subjects thanks to apps like the ones shown below, which are available for iOS and Android devices. They are perfect complements to subjects such as math or science, as well as to promote other essential skills in these courses. 

Summarizer and paraphraser 

It is designed to help students with dissertation writing help. It has three main functions: summarize the text and locate the most important parts, synthesizing them to give it greater brevity; paraphrase, which helps to rearrange the text and give it a different structure. In addition, the 'Student bot' helper is an internal database that contains links, books, and documents that can be used to solve doubts and questions.

Deputy Budget

For Latin elective students, it helps to revise the verb forms through a game based on getting robes. In it, you can learn to conjugate different verb tenses. The level of difficulty increases as the player dominates the times. The application is in English and is available for Android.

Merck PTE

It provides all kinds of information about the chemical elements that make up the periodic table, including the molecular mass or their atomic properties, as well as incorporating a glossary with the vocabulary of Physics and Chemistry and a section where you can check the state of aggregation of an element according to temperature. Likewise, in its 'discover' section it incorporates curious scientific data to expand the knowledge of this subject. 


To develop concept maps and diagrams that help the study of the different Secondary subjects. This program can be used to plan and review general and specific concepts on a certain topic. In a simple concept map, you can highlight the most relevant points and use different styles to personalize the study.

Student agenda

This application provides the option of having an agenda on the mobile and managing schedules both personally (daily life) and academically (homework and exams). It has two options to add images and additional information, which facilitate the identification of each appointment. It also includes a notification service and the possibility of marking the events that are happening as 'completed'. Its visualization can be by day, by a week or by month and is an ideal resource to learn to organize better and not forget the due dates or exams. 

Codea App

To enhance the learning of programming through the creation of video games and simulations, Codea is a very complete platform to program directly on the iPad through a text language, and a pleasant option for those who want to continue beyond the text-based programming languages.

MyScript Calculator

Calculators are now more necessary than ever, and in in-app format, there are very interesting alternatives such as MyScript Calculator. Its main characteristic is that it allows us to write by hand on the screen and recognizes everything we have written, allowing us to solve all kinds of calculations and solutions immediately.

Sit with us

An app that aims to teach the importance of coexistence, inclusive education, empathy, respect, and companionship as a social network in which students can share, contact, and meet to carry out activities on a personal level.

Starmap HD

Do you like stars? Then Starmap HD is an essential app for you, one of the most complete and detailed constellation maps that exist in app format. Ideal for high school students restless about that universe out there, which will allow them to investigate and discover what we have a few light-years away.

NYT-VR Virtual Reality Stories

It is in Secondary courses when we must introduce students to the need to always be well informed and up-to-date with the news. The case of this app is somewhat peculiar, since it is a selection of current affairs that have been recorded with 360-degree cameras and compatible with virtual reality systems, allowing us to immerse ourselves in greater depth in each scene and event.


It is an educational social network in which a large community of students participates: members ask their questions, which are answered by the rest. In addition, it is formulated as a game for students to level up according to their participation in the community.

Khan Academy

This non-profit organization aims to improve education. Its resources are available to anyone, be it student, teacher, director ... Among its advantages are that students have interactive challenges, evaluations, and videos, while tutors and families can observe everything that students are learning. Everything is free.


To collect all kinds of information and review it at any time without the need for an Internet connection. Within this 'virtual pocket' you can save articles, videos, web pages ... from anywhere on the Internet or from thousands of compatible applications through the sharing feature.

My study life

It is useful for planning the time needed when doing homework or studying for exams. To do this, this application uses colors to differentiate tasks, it has reminders, it can be synchronized on all devices and it works offline, so it is possible to consult it even when there is no Internet.

Paper by WeTransfer

It works like a notebook in which to take handwritten notes, draw or make diagrams and sketches, among others, for which you can use your fingers or a stylus. In addition to working independently on your creations, you can also group them into projects, edit them, and even share them with your classmates.

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