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I chose to express my thoughts and feelings through figurative painting.
This art is for me the best way to communicate in a universal way, moreover I have no natural ability to dance or music ...

My Russian and Spanish origins certainly contributed to my way of feeling. But it's in the balance of French culture that my vision of the world has definitely been formed.

In my view, art must reveal the invisible bonds that give meaning, a deeper unity, to our reality. But if the impact of art can be strong, relevant and intelligent, or even disturbing, it is always by the use of beauty that it is characterized.

For example, turning to what I consider to be elegant, the harmony of opposites, fixed and mobile, clear and dark, colorful and unified, feminine and masculine.

My influences come from all times and all cultures as long as I find poetry in a work; this work becomes timeless.
However, I have a particular affinity for Italian Mannerism, Spanish Baroque and Chinese Dragons. I also have a strong aversion to strictly realistic photographic painting, or trendy currents such as those in large formats and bright colors for example.

For this I seek by all means possible to escape the vulgarity or the easy effect.
I think I'm the fruit of all sorts of European influences in the very broad sense; Latin, Batavian, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and Slavic.

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