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Sylvia Baldeva’s artistic path has a multidisciplinary approach. She was born in Bulgaria in an artistic environment, thanks to her father, a fine artist. This gave her a great influence and inspiration. She also prepared the Art Academy courses.
In France, she got her Bachelor’s degree in Fine and Contemporary Arts at the University of Sorbonne in Paris. Then she studied and used to work in the Graphic, Fashion and Decoration design. Along that activities she has been regularly commissioned as a Freelance Illustrator by Advertising Agencies, Publishing houses, Photographers and Companies. She is still practicing this activity along with her personal work as a Fine Artist which creativity is guided by freedom of expression. Her creative approach is based on the notion of “Transformed Memories“.
The subjects appear, in a precise or vaporous way and manifest reminiscences of senses and observations. Through “flow“ are revealed perceptions and emotions.Such as visual tales, the painted representations bring new symbolic lives and feelings.
During the creative process the subjects unfold in a continual play between control and letting go. Without any sketching process, she works directly on the surface. This allows her to express directly the creative impulses. Her art takes poetical paths with a purpose of a timeless dimension.
Sylvia Baldeva presents regularly her work at personal and group exhibitions.
She is one of the Artists-ambassadors Canson®.


• 2019 - Exposition collective "Idylles" - Galerie L'entrée des Artistes, Paris

• 2019 - Exposition collective "Cadavre exquis" - Hôtel-Galerie "Le Marceau Bastille", Paris

• 2019 - Salon des Beaux-Arts de Garches

• 2018 - Exposition collective - Galerie L'entrée des Artistes, Paris

• 2017 - Exposition personnelle - Galerie Le Ballon rouge, Paris

• 2016 - Exposition collective - Galerie Le Ballon rouge, Paris

• 2015 - Exposition personnelle - Librairie Equipages, Paris

• 2015 - Exposition personnelle - Galerie de la Voûte, Paris

• 2014 - Exposition personnelle - Librairie Equipages, Paris

• 2013 - Exposition personnelle - Galerie Encre nous, Paris

• 2013 - Exposition collective - Salon "Bio et Art Contemporain”, place du Louvre, Paris

• 2013 - Exposition collective - La Galerie des Artistes, Paris

• 2012 - Exposition personnelle - Théâtre "Aktéon”, Paris

• 2012 - Exposition personnelle - Ziti, Paris

• 2010 -Exposition personnelle - Galerie Encre nous, Paris

• 2009- Exposition collective- Galerie Encre nous, Paris

• 2008- Exposition internationale- ville de Plovdiv, Bulgarie

• 2007- Exposition personnelle- La Madeleine, Paris

• 2006- Exposition personnelle- Les Fous de l’Ile, Paris

• 1999 - Salon d’automne - Ville de Montigny-lès-Cormeilles



1999-2000 Licence Arts Plastiques PARIS, France