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The right answer is - there is no right answer.

Amidst the uncertainty, everyone is looking for the right answer. But there is no right answer. Abstract art is similar. It differs from person to person and there is no one meaning.

An artist might have created it with something in mind, depending on his/her emotions, but you can have a completely different view about it, or have no view at all. Abstract Art is not about understanding, it’s about a feeling. Your view will also change, as you change with time and that’s the beauty of it.

Most of the things in Nature are abstract, though we have given various names to the abstract forms of Nature now.

Clouds are abstract. They don’t have any fixed form, but looking at them helps us imagine. It is a beautiful feeling looking at clouds and we don’t try to understand them. We accept them as they are. I love looking at clouds, I love creating forms with them, the colors and the forms of clouds makes me in awe with nature. 

Another example is trees. Sitting below the tree, and looking at the tree..branches and leaves, is a magical feeling. They don’t form any fix pattern, however our imagination can create an infinite number of forms from this abstraction. We call this abstraction of Nature as trees :) Similarly, the oceans, mountains, continents on planet earth, forest, galaxy and the list goes on.

img-20200207-104937.jpgPower (118x124 cm)

wall-picture-203316-053333.pngInterior credit:@juniperoats


img20200312143816.jpgUntamed Nature (62x62 cm)wall-picture-201310-021349.pngInterior credit: @white_black_grey_shop


shiv-abstract.jpgMagic (92x152 cm)magic.jpgInterior credit: @vincentvanduysen


img-20200305-180540.jpgNature's abstraction (62x62 cm)wall-picture-201610-021611.pngInterior credit: @Trendland


img-20200612-130739.jpgRoots (40x50 cm)wall-picture-200710-020742.pngInterior credit: @Calcuttan_gallery


img-20200610-021113.jpgStorm (62x62 cm)wall-picture-202314-052359.pngInterior credit: 


img-20200220-125453.jpgHouse (38x50 cm)wall-picture-200810-020856.pngInterior credit: @bathroomdecor

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img-20200324-224239.jpgUntitled (56x50 m)wall-picture-201717-021746.pngInterior credit: @wallpictureapp


img-20200223-150825.jpgMom (40x50 cm)wall-picture-201610-021656.pngInterior credit: @wallpictureapp




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