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Painting titled "Story" by Rosita Allinckx, Original Art, Oil
Story - Painting, 27.6x39.4x0.8 in ©2016 by Rosita Allinckx - Classicism, classicism-933, still live, book, candle, broken glass, time

Oil on Canvas, 27.6x39.4 in

Painting titled "Nothern story" by Helena Vintergreen, Original Art, Acrylic Mounted on Stretcher frame
Nothern story - Painting, 11.8x7.9x0.4 in ©2021 by Helena Vintergreen - Figurative, figurative-594, Mythology, pattern, blue, folk, ethnic, leaves, joss, north, white, amulet
Nothern story

Acrylic on Canvas, 11.8x7.9 in

Painting titled "Love story" by Thia Path, Original Art, Oil
Love story - Painting, 13x18.9 in ©2018 by Thia Path - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Love, love, story, amore, scintilla, magia, fortuna, bellezza, illusione, uomo, donna, vita, speranza, colori, angeli, allegria
Love story

Oil on Paper, 13x18.9 in

Painting titled "Unintelligible story" by Niklas Nydahl, Original Art, Watercolor
Unintelligible story - Painting, 11.8x9.5x0.4 in ©2021 by Niklas Nydahl - Figurative, figurative-594, Spirituality, man, naked, nature, landscape, desert, water, figurative, symbolism
Unintelligible story

Watercolor on Canvas, 11.8x9.5 in

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Painting titled "night stories" by Сергей Артёмов, Original Art, Oil
night stories - Painting, 39.4x23.6x0.8 in ©2020 by Сергей Артёмов - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Forest, romantic landscape, stretched canvas, oil painting
night stories

Oil on Linen Canvas, 39.4x23.6 in

Painting titled "Short-Story (1)" by Matthias Kreher, Original Art, Acrylic
Short-Story (1) - Painting, 15.8x11.8x0.2 in ©2020 by Matthias Kreher - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Flower, Blume, Stillleben, Pfingstrose
Short-Story (1)

Acrylic on Other substrate, 15.8x11.8 in

Painting titled "One story" by Stas Agapitov, Original Art, Acrylic
One story - Painting, 39.4x39.4x1.6 in ©2021 by Stas Agapitov - Abstract, abstract-570, Color, beautiful sky, bright painting, turquoise, ornament rhombus, woman silhouette, signs, unusual shapes and lines, big painting, modern painting

Stas Agapitov

One story

Acrylic on Linen Canvas, 39.4x39.4 in

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Painting titled "Ancient Story" by Kira Sokolovskaia, Original Art, Pastel
Ancient Story - Painting, 8.9x11 in ©2019 by Kira Sokolovskaia - Fauvism, fauvism-942, Landscape, landscape, stylized, soft pastel, sandpaper, pine tree, trees, forest, rocks, stones, ancient, story

Kira Sokolovskaia

Not For Sale
Ancient Story

Pastel on Paper, 8.9x11 in

Prints available
Digital Arts titled "Love Story" by Marc Bulyss, Original Art, Digital Painting
Love Story - Digital Arts ©2020 by Marc Bulyss - Naive Art, naive-art-948, Bulyss marc, love, story, naif, figure, portrait, art numérique, painting art

Marc Bulyss

Not For Sale
Love Story

Digital Arts,

Painting titled "A fishing story" by Carina Linné, Original Art, Acrylic
A fishing story - Painting, 21.7x21.7x1.2 in ©2021 by Carina Linné - Figurative, figurative-594
A fishing story

Acrylic on Canvas, 21.7x21.7 in

Painting titled "Story" by Martyna Mączka, Original Art, Acrylic
Story - Painting, 39.4x39.4x0.8 in ©2017 by Martyna Mączka - Illustration, illustration-600, landscape, window, sky, clouds, mountains, above mountains, story, boy

Acrylic on Canvas, 39.4x39.4 in

Prints available
Painting titled "Story" by Iza Zaro, Original Art, Acrylic
Story - Painting ©2014 by Iza Zaro - Street Art, street-art-624, IZa Zaro, euro trash, Illinois, peg Trash white, street art, USA, vintage, Isa Zaro, femme, pochoirs

Iza Zaro

On Request

Acrylic on Canvas,

Painting titled "Storyteller | Story…" by Trayko Popov, Original Art, Acrylic
Storyteller | Story | Tale - Painting, 19.7x27.6x1.2 in ©2021 by Trayko Popov - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Fantasy, story, tale, novel, dream, true, together, fantasy, love, storyteller

Trayko Popov

Storyteller | Story | Tale

Acrylic on Canvas, 19.7x27.6 in

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Drawing titled "STORY" by Luc Pierre, Original Art, Pastel
STORY - Drawing, 23.6x25.6 in ©2021 by Luc Pierre - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, dawwing, collage, graphite, oilpastel, paper, abstract, color, lucpierre, lucampierre

Luc Pierre


Pastel on Paper, 23.6x25.6 in

Painting titled "Fairies and stories" by Riina Sirel, Original Art, Acrylic
Fairies and stories - Painting, 16.5x11.7 in ©2021 by Riina Sirel - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Color, fashion, light, nature, people
Fairies and stories

Acrylic on Paper, 16.5x11.7 in

Prints available
Painting titled "The Story Teller" by Ibolya Taligas, Original Art, Watercolor
The Story Teller - Painting, 16x12 in ©2018 by Ibolya Taligas - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Asia, geisha, woman, kimono, tradition, japanese, watercolour, story teller, story writer, writing, sitting, seated, figure, figurative, gentle, fragile, elegant, painting, wall art, art print, impressionism
The Story Teller

Watercolor on Paper, 16x12 in

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Painting titled "Geological story" by Sorin Niculae Lazar, Original Art, Oil Mounted on Stretcher frame
Geological story - Painting, 27.6x19.7x0.8 in ©2020 by Sorin Niculae Lazar - Abstract, abstract-570
Geological story

Oil on Canvas, 27.6x19.7 in

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Painting titled "Stories" by Larry Wolf, Original Art, Acrylic
Stories - Painting, 48x72 in ©2020 by Larry Wolf -

Larry Wolf


Acrylic on Canvas, 48x72 in

Drawing titled "Industrial Story" by Georgy Stork, Original Art, Ink
Industrial Story - Drawing, 7.9x5.5 in ©2020 by Georgy Stork - Figurative, figurative-594, Architecture, graphic, storytelling, illustration, industrialpainting, graphicart, modernart, arte, cityscape, urban, landscape, drawing, ink
Industrial Story

Ink on Paper, 7.9x5.5 in

Prints available
Painting titled "BLUE STORY" by Christiane Guerry (C.B.GUERRY), Original Art, Acrylic
BLUE STORY - Painting, 47.2x59.1x1.2 in ©2020 by Christiane Guerry (C.B.GUERRY) - Symbolism, symbolism-1020, imagination, bleue, histoire, personnages, voyage

Acrylic on Canvas, 47.2x59.1 in

Prints available
Drawing titled "Story" by Kayen, Original Art, Ink
Story - Drawing, 5.1x8.3x0.4 in ©2018 by Kayen -


Not For Sale

Ink on Paper, 5.1x8.3 in

Prints available
Painting titled "Story PINK PANTHER" by Cobo, Original Art, Acrylic
Story PINK PANTHER - Painting, 15.8x15.8x2 in ©2021 by Cobo - Pop Art, pop-art-615



Acrylic on Canvas, 15.8x15.8 in

Painting titled "Storys" by Sónia Marcos, Original Art, Acrylic
Storys - Painting, 23.6x15.8x0.6 in ©2021 by Sónia Marcos - Love

Sónia Marcos

Not For Sale

Acrylic, 23.6x15.8 in

Prints available
Painting titled "Long story No. 16" by Pengbo Wu, Original Art, Acrylic Mounted on Stretcher frame
Long story No. 16 - Painting, 8x8x1.6 in ©2020 by Pengbo Wu - Abstract, abstract-570

Pengbo Wu

Long story No. 16

Acrylic on Canvas, 8x8 in

Prints available
Painting titled "Love story" by Isabel Mahe, Original Art, Oil Mounted on Stretcher frame
Love story - Painting, 21.7x15x0.8 in ©2021 by Isabel Mahe - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Love, pluie, parapluie, baiser, amoureux, amour, love, tendresse, bleu, couple

Isabel Mahe

Love story

Oil on Linen Canvas, 21.7x15 in

Prints available
Drawing titled "Intense Stories" by Bel Mur, Original Art, Acrylic
Intense Stories - Drawing, 13x25.6 in ©2019 by Bel Mur - Abstract, abstract-570, Women, mujeres, abstracto, conceptual, rojo, tinta

Bel Mur

Intense Stories

Acrylic on Paper, 13x25.6 in

Prints available
Digital Arts titled "Story Book" by Angela Hanley, Original Art, Digital Painting
Story Book - Digital Arts ©2020 by Angela Hanley - Figurative, figurative-594, Fairytale, fairytale, story, surreal, colorful, nature, fantasy
Story Book

Digital Arts, Several sizes

Prints available
Painting titled "COVER STORY" by Massimo Campagna, Original Art, Acrylic
COVER STORY - Painting, 19.7x19.7 in ©2021 by Massimo Campagna - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Men

Acrylic on Metal, 19.7x19.7 in

Collages titled "Business story" by Rebecca Raïc Soria, Original Art, Collages
Business story - Collages, 16.1x20.1x0.6 in ©2019 by Rebecca Raïc Soria - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, World Culture, Afrique, Africa, bijoux, jewels, animals, animaux, enfants, children, pauvreté, richesse, luxe, luxury, money, argent
Business story

Collages on Paper, 16.1x20.1 in

Prints available
Painting titled "Story 7" by Orest Dubay, Original Art, Oil
Story 7 - Painting, 15.8x15.8x0.4 in ©2020 by Orest Dubay - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Geometric, story, opart, op art, colors, colorful, light, geometrical, orest dubay, vamosiart

Orest Dubay

Story 7

Oil on Cardboard, 15.8x15.8 in

Painting titled "Stories" by David Shepherd, Original Art, Oil Mounted on Stretcher frame
Stories - Painting, 30x60x1.5 in ©2020 by David Shepherd - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Kid, Kids, Science, Human, Color, Face, Faces, Portrait, Beauty, Hyperreal, Photorealistic, Hope, Colour, Colours, Positive, Nature

David Shepherd


Oil on Canvas, 30x60 in

Prints available
Painting titled "MINNIE AND MICKEY L…" by Vincent Bardou, Original Art, Acrylic Mounted on Stretcher frame
MINNIE AND MICKEY LOVE STORY - Painting, 27.6x39.4x1.6 in ©2021 by Vincent Bardou - Street Art, street-art-624, Fantasy, vincent bardou, tableau vincent bardou, oeuvre d'art, minnie et mickey, minnie et mickey love story, minnie et mickey street art, minnie et mickey pop art, tableau amour, artwork, tableau minnie et mickey, mickey pop art, idée cadeau, minnie et mickey artwork, tableau disney, disney artwork

Acrylic on Canvas, 27.6x39.4 in

Prints available
Painting titled "Short story1" by Jean Mirre, Original Art, Oil Mounted on Stretcher frame
Short story1 - Painting, 15.8x19.7x0.4 in ©2020 by Jean Mirre - Abstract, abstract-570, short story

Jean Mirre

Short story1

Oil on Canvas, 15.8x19.7 in

Prints available
Painting titled "Tonight Story" by Khrystyna Kozyuk, Original Art, Oil
Tonight Story - Painting, 38x38x0.7 in ©2020 by Khrystyna Kozyuk - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, black, urban, white, fine art, office painting, abstract, decorative painting, infinity, loftstile, lines, minimalism, modern, black & white, circles, city, black and white art, loft style
Tonight Story

Oil on Canvas, 38x38 in

Painting titled "Unwritten story" by Anna Ponomarenko, Original Art, Acrylic Mounted on Stretcher frame
Unwritten story - Painting, 19.7x13.8x0.8 in ©2019 by Anna Ponomarenko - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Bird, Seagull painting, Sea bird, Lighthouse, Book, Flying pages, Acrylic bird, Figurative, Surrealism, Tactile art, Structure paste, Gold, Golden leaf, Mixed-media, cloud sky, cloud sky painting, landscape painting, surreal painting

Anna Ponomarenko

Not For Sale
Unwritten story

Acrylic on Canvas, 19.7x13.8 in

Prints available
Photography titled "Tall Story" by Alan Hillyer, Original Art, Digital Photography
Tall Story - Photography, 24x36x0.1 in ©2021 by Alan Hillyer - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Boat
Tall Story

Photography, 24x36 in


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