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Painting titled "Lampadalbero - The…" by Giancarlo Petrini, Original Art, Ink
Lampadalbero - The Tree Lamp - Painting, 38.6x30.7x0.8 in ©2005 by Giancarlo Petrini - Abstract, abstract-570, petrini, espressionism, lampadalbero, gullivera, radical joking expressionism, doubleface

Giancarlo Petrini

Lampadalbero - The Tree Lamp

Ink on Wood, 38.6x30.7 in

Sculpture titled "Ballet Brown" by Amamede, Original Art, Mixed Media
Ballet Brown - Sculpture, 27.6x15.8x5.9 in ©2014 by Amamede - SOBRO, GESSO, escultura, plaster, wood, amamede, mamede, albuquerque, lima, sculptur, mixede media, galeria, fine arts


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Ballet Brown

Sculpture - Mixed Media, 27.6x15.8x5.9 in

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