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Discover 1,067 original artworks for sale located in , Spain | Spanish artists Where to buy art by Spanish artists? Artmajeur presents a selection of the best Contemporary Spanish artists: Spanish painters, Spanish sculptors,[...]

Discover 1,067 original artworks for sale located in , Spain | Spanish artists

Where to buy art by Spanish artists?

Artmajeur presents a selection of the best Contemporary Spanish artists: Spanish painters, Spanish sculptors, Spanish photographers, you can find both emerging and confirmed artists on the gallery.

While painters, sculptors and photographers from Spain are the most popular techniques, we also have great contemporary works for sale in other techniques like collages, digital arts or textile arts. Artmajeur gallery is very popular in Spain because many contemporary artists use it to sell their artworks: collectors looking to buy art by Spanish artists can find a great diversity of techniques, colors, styles and prices.

From Barcelona to Valencia, via Seville and Bilbao, Spain has always been a wonderful artistic cradle. From the Baroque period (Diego Velazquez, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, José de Ribera ...), to the cubism of Pablo Picasso, through the religious paintings of El Greco, the dark romanticism of Francisco de Goya and the dreamlike surrealism of Salvador Dali, Spanish art has succeeded in the game within the old continent, and remains, even today, renowned for its singularity. The Iberian Peninsula has seen the birth of many talents in its ranks: Joan Miro, Joaquin Sorolla, Juan Gris, Francisco de Zurbaran are some of the big names who have made the land of Cervantes famous.

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Painting titled "Black love" by Agusil, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Black love - Painting, 31.5x31.5 in ©2023 by Agusil - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Women Portraits, texturas, colores intensos, caras femeninas, luminoso, relieves, fashion, modern, figurativo
"Black love"

Oil on Linen Canvas | 31.5x31.5 in

Painting titled "My queen - colorful…" by Aliaksandra Tsesarskaya, Original Artwork, Acrylic
My queen - colorful portrait woman - Painting, 39.4x28.7 in ©2023 by Aliaksandra Tsesarskaya - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Women Portraits, The queen, Queen, Colorful portrait woman, Flowers, Textured painting
"My queen - colorful portrait woman"

Acrylic on Canvas | 39.4x28.7 in

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Sculpture titled "Condensations" by Roberto Canduela, Original Artwork, Metals
Condensations - Sculpture, 15.4x11.8x7.5 in ©2023 by Roberto Canduela - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric, cubism, corten, steel, oxide, iron, bull, brown, sculpture, geometry

Sculpture - Metals | 15.4x11.8x7.5 in

Painting titled "HARLEY THROUGH THE…" by Sócrates Rízquez, Original Artwork, Enamel Mounted on Aluminium
HARLEY THROUGH THE WINDOW - Painting, 37.4x55.1 in ©2023 by Sócrates Rízquez - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Motorcycle, Hyperimpressionism, Motorbike, Harley, Davidson, Window, escaparate, reflection, color

Enamel on Aluminium | 37.4x55.1 in

Prints available
Painting titled "House in blue and w…" by Ana Del Castillo Ibarrola, Original Artwork, Pigments
House in blue and white - Painting, 35.4x27.6 in ©2023 by Ana Del Castillo Ibarrola -
"House in blue and white"

Pigments on Canvas | 35.4x27.6 in

Painting titled "ABSTRACTO 33" by Ana María Gonzalez Jimenez, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
ABSTRACTO 33 - Painting, 16.1x13 in ©2022 by Ana María Gonzalez Jimenez - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, TEXTURAS, COMPOSICIÓN, ACRÍLICO, ORIGINAL, COLOR

Acrylic on Canvas | 16.1x13 in

Digital Arts titled "Essential figure 21" by Vicent Creatik, Original Artwork, Digital Painting
Essential figure 21 - Digital Arts, 39.4x39.4 in ©2023 by Vicent Creatik - Figurative, figurative-594, Women Portraits, dibujo digital, pintura digital, figurativo, conceptual, surrealismo, blnaco y negro, luces y sombras, retrato, mujer, lineas, critica, humanismo, social
"Essential figure 21"

Digital Arts | 39.4x39.4 in

Painting titled "Cream Silk" by Stefi Ash, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Cream Silk - Painting, 23.8x17.9 in ©2023 by Stefi Ash - Figurative, figurative-594, Women Portraits, woman, portrait, womenportrait, silk, cream, clothing, figurative, figurativeart, detail, human, humanbody, body, creamsilk, silkcothing, material, crumpled, offwhite, white, minimal, minimalism
"Cream Silk"

Acrylic on Canvas | 23.8x17.9 in

Painting titled "Goa" by J.Kesin, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Goa - Painting, 51.2x31.9 in ©2022 by J.Kesin - Geometric, geometric-572, Abstract, geometric abstraction, goa, india, party, colouful, stripes, layers

Oil on Canvas | 51.2x31.9 in

Drawing titled "Un milione di Euro…" by Marco Zautzik, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Un milione di Euro - Arte è energia che va oltre quel tot - Drawing, 11.8x15.8 in ©2014 by Marco Zautzik - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Politics, art, arte, quadro, arteèenergia, oltrequeltot, acrilico, collage, unmilionedieuro, zautzik
"Un milione di Euro - Arte è energia che va oltre quel tot"

Acrylic on Canvas | 11.8x15.8 in

On Request
Painting titled "Los guardianes del…" by Amaya F Fariza, Original Artwork, Oil
Los guardianes del bosque - Painting, 47.2x47.2 in ©2023 by Amaya F Fariza - Figurative, figurative-594, Animal, paisaje, perro, animales, bosque, color, gran formato, impresionismo, figurativo, realismo, naturaleza, floral, botanico
"Los guardianes del bosque"

Oil on Canvas | 47.2x47.2 in

Painting titled "«ESSAY REFLECTION»…" by Yuliia Chaika, Original Artwork, Acrylic
«ESSAY REFLECTION» LARGE CONTEMPORARY ACRYLIC PAINTING - Painting, 35.4x23.6 in ©2023 by Yuliia Chaika - Naive Art, naive-art-948, artwork_cat.Women, naive painting, contemporary folk, ukrainian art, woman portrait, ornaments, big blue painting, sanguine, large woman drawing

Acrylic on Canvas | 35.4x23.6 in

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Painting titled "Génération Botox" by L.Roche, Original Artwork, Ink
Génération Botox - Painting, 31.5x20.5 in ©2023 by L.Roche - Men portraits
"Génération Botox"

Ink on Other substrate | 31.5x20.5 in

Prints available
Painting titled "ABSTRACTO SIN TITUL…" by Leyti Colón, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
ABSTRACTO SIN TITULO 3 - Painting, 27.6x19.7 in ©2023 by Leyti Colón - Abstract, abstract-570, Colorful

Acrylic on Canvas | 27.6x19.7 in

Painting titled "Gillian and Monica" by Brazza, Original Artwork, Oil
Gillian and Monica - Painting, 24.4x33.1 in ©2023 by Brazza - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Animal, chicken, hen, garden, island, yard, nature
"Gillian and Monica"

Oil on Canvas | 24.4x33.1 in

Painting titled "Hilos 3" by Joan Llaverias, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Hilos 3 - Painting, 39.4x47.2 in ©2023 by Joan Llaverias - Abstract, abstract-570, Colorful, minimal, abstract, love, reiki
"Hilos 3"

Acrylic on Canvas | 39.4x47.2 in

Painting titled "250 TESTA ROSSA" by Jrmuroart, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
250 TESTA ROSSA - Painting, 31.9x43.3 in ©2023 by Jrmuroart - Figurative, figurative-594, Car, FERRARI, classic, 250 testarossa, testarossa, oleo, classiccar

Oil on MDF Board | 31.9x43.3 in

Painting titled "SERIE DRAG 0002" by Josep Pozo, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Panel
SERIE DRAG 0002 - Painting, 39.4x31.9 in ©2023 by Josep Pozo - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Pop Culture, DRAG QUEEN, WOMEN, LGTBI, PEOPLE, DECOR, DESING, INTERIOR DESING, COLLAGE, PAINT, ART

Acrylic on Wood | 39.4x31.9 in

Prints available
Painting titled "© Monasterio de Pob…" by Richard Martin Vidal, Original Artwork, Acrylic
© Monasterio de Poblet azulado por estrellas. - Painting, 23.6x23.6 in ©2023 by Richard Martin Vidal - Spiritual Art, spiritual-art-1040, Spirituality, curvismo, curvisme, richard martin vidal, color, decoration, jesus, religion, life
"© Monasterio de Poblet azulado por estrellas."

Acrylic on Canvas | 23.6x23.6 in

Painting titled "Cala Macarelleta VII" by Alex Hook Krioutchkov, Original Artwork, Oil
Cala Macarelleta VII - Painting, 38.2x57.5 in ©2023 by Alex Hook Krioutchkov - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Seascape, Cala Macarelleta, Cala Macarella, Menorca, boats, yachts, mediterranean, coastal, seascape, beach, Strand, Seelandscaft, rocks, landmarcs, marina, Boot
"Cala Macarelleta VII"

Oil on Canvas | 38.2x57.5 in

Painting titled "Convent Avenue" by Albert Cruells, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Convent Avenue - Painting, 64.2x51.2 in ©2021 by Albert Cruells - Abstract, Elegante, Decorativo, Contemporaneo, abstracto, Urbano, Tonos naturales, Tierras
"Convent Avenue"

Oil on Linen Canvas | 64.2x51.2 in

Painting titled "Honesty" by Marcelo Garcia Garcia, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Honesty - Painting, 27.6x19.7 in ©2023 by Marcelo Garcia Garcia - Expressionism, expressionism-591, artwork_cat.Feminine, color, mujer

Acrylic on Canvas | 27.6x19.7 in

Painting titled "Deslumbrar" by Isabel Tapias, Original Artwork, Oil
Deslumbrar - Painting, 21.3x25.6 in ©2023 by Isabel Tapias - Abstract, abstract-570, Countryside, field, flowers, landscape, colorist, collage

Oil on Canvas | 21.3x25.6 in

Prints available
Painting titled "Calle Avignon / Fra…" by Greg Bryce, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Panel
Calle Avignon / Fracture XIII - Painting, 31.5x31.5 in ©2023 by Greg Bryce - Abstract, abstract-570, Esotericism, blue, red, white, pale, pastel, spacious, space, blank, light, bright, fresh, uplifting, unique, bold, contemporary, european, british, line, soft, easy
"Calle Avignon / Fracture XIII"

Acrylic on Wood | 31.5x31.5 in

Design titled "table brutaliste en…" by Jeanbaptiste Van Den Heede, Original Artwork, Furniture
table brutaliste en frêne massif et pierre tallée à la main. - Design, 16.5x63 in ©2020 by Jeanbaptiste Van Den Heede - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, art brut, table brutaliste, pièce unique, table de salon, coffee table
"table brutaliste en frêne massif et pierre tallée à la main."

Design | 16.5x63 in

Painting titled "STOP 4" by Tomasa Martin, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
STOP 4 - Painting, 11.8x11.8 in ©2023 by Tomasa Martin - Land Art, land-art-957, Colorful, painting, landscape, tree, colorful, modern, contemporary, natura, field, freedom
"STOP 4"

Acrylic on Wood | 11.8x11.8 in

Photography titled "Square Landscape" by Carlos Canet Fortea, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
Square Landscape - Photography, 39.4x39.4 in ©2023 by Carlos Canet Fortea - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Nature, landscape, water, grass, blue, green, pool, digital art
"Square Landscape"

Photography | 39.4x39.4 in

Painting titled "El foso" by Juan Álvarez Cebrián, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
El foso - Painting, 70.9x70.9 in ©2022 by Juan Álvarez Cebrián - Figurative, figurative-594, Landscape, arquitectura, fabrica, abandono, luz, color, textura, cristal
"El foso"

Oil on Linen Canvas | 70.9x70.9 in

Painting titled "Insomnia&Creativity" by Inn Gi, Original Artwork, Oil
Insomnia&Creativity - Painting, 31.9x21.3 in ©2023 by Inn Gi - Symbolism, symbolism-1020, Esotericism, azul, lase, mujer, creatividad, energia

Oil on Linen Canvas | 31.9x21.3 in

Painting titled "Green and blue comp…" by Luis Medina, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Green and blue composition - Painting, 39.4x31.5 in ©2023 by Luis Medina - Abstract, abstract-570, Colorful, abstract, blue, green, geometric, sky, field, expressionism, contemporary
"Green and blue composition"

Acrylic on Canvas | 39.4x31.5 in

Painting titled "Venus de la manzana" by Torregar, Original Artwork, Oil
Venus de la manzana - Painting, 39.4x27.6 in ©2020 by Torregar - Figurative, figurative-594, Mythology, Afrodita, Venus de la manzana, mitología, venus
"Venus de la manzana"

Oil on Paper | 39.4x27.6 in

Painting titled "Lone Flag" by Marc Carniel, Original Artwork, Oil
Lone Flag - Painting, 51.2x35.4 in ©2020 by Marc Carniel - Tribal Art, tribal-art-950, Colorful, native americans, usa, history, glory, portrait, indian chief, far west
"Lone Flag"

Oil on Linen Canvas | 51.2x35.4 in

Painting titled "Bubbles" by Montse Barberà Pujol, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Bubbles - Painting, 23.6x47.2 in ©2023 by Montse Barberà Pujol - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, abstract, abstracto, arte, colors, bubbles, lienzo, paint, pintura, artist, montse barbera, artmajeur, creative

Acrylic on Canvas | 23.6x47.2 in

Prints available
Photography titled "Sign here" by Lídia Vives, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
Sign here - Photography, 24.8x16.5 in ©2023 by Lídia Vives - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, artwork_cat.Feminine, portrait, self portrait, tattoo, ink, black and white, nude, fine art
"Sign here"

Photography | 24.8x16.5 in

Photography titled "18_1_Porta Pintada…" by Miguel Morey Colomina, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
18_1_Porta Pintada Vella(Carrer de Sant Miquel) - Photography, 35.4x35.4 in ©2022 by Miguel Morey Colomina - Abstract, abstract-570, City, ciudad, calle, hombre, edificios
"18_1_Porta Pintada Vella(Carrer de Sant Miquel)"

Photography | 35.4x35.4 in

Sculpture titled "Caligrafia VIII" by Lito, Original Artwork, Concrete
Caligrafia VIII - Sculpture, 30.7x31.5x23.6 in ©2023 by Lito - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric, iron, rust, concrete, geometric, architetture, abstract
"Caligrafia VIII"

Sculpture - Concrete | 30.7x31.5x23.6 in