Original drawings for sale under 2000$

790 Original Drawings & Illustrations For Sale | 1000-2000$ Looking for Original drawings for sale? Explore all styles and techniques of drawing: contemporary art, street-art, abstract art, figurative art, landscapes,[...]

790 Original Drawings & Illustrations For Sale | 1000-2000$

Looking for Original drawings for sale?

Explore all styles and techniques of drawing: contemporary art, street-art, abstract art, figurative art, landscapes, portraits, scene of life, nudes, pencil, ink, charcoal, pastel… Artmajeur caters to all sensibilities artistic and celebrating beauty by your side for 20 years with more than 2 million contemporary works of art to discover ... or acquire! The world benchmark for artistic designs. Discover works by contemporary artists from around the world to decorate your interior with class! Simple art lover or confirmed collector? Find the drawing or the favorite sketch that will really highlight your decoration. Artmajeur offers you original works, limited editions and art prints by the best contemporary artists in the world. On Artmajeur, the drawings are selected by enthusiasts and experts in the art market. We select for you the original works of trendy, award-winning and recognized designers as well as the new rising values in the field of contemporary art to guide you and help you in your process of buying Art drawings online.

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With a mission to create an online marketplace that is simple, secure, and profitable for artists everywhere, Artmajeur has created the world's first global virtual art gallery with over 10 million visitors. Artmajeur offers you exclusive prices on original artworks by emerging and established international artists, shipping worldwide in 24 to 48h to your doorstep for free. Enjoy our selection of original artworks and high-quality prints that will make perfect gifts or decorate your walls with style!

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Drawing titled "Woman Contemplating…" by Edwin Loftus, Original Artwork, Pastel
Woman Contemplating a Male Torso - Drawing, 14x11 in ©2023 by Edwin Loftus - Symbolism, symbolism-1020, Love, sexuality, attraction, reproduction
"Woman Contemplating a Male Torso"

Pastel on Paper | 14x11 in

Prints available
Drawing titled ""Die Rose Ist Ohne…" by Rafferoico, Original Artwork, Charcoal
"Die Rose Ist Ohne Warum III" Op.549 MMXXII - Drawing, 39.4x27.6 in ©2022 by Rafferoico - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Vanity, skulls, roses, homeflies, death, mortality, passion, expressionism, DieRoseIstOhneWarum, frontal, figurative
""Die Rose Ist Ohne Warum III" Op.549 MMXXII"

Charcoal on Paper | 39.4x27.6 in

Drawing titled "vénus carton n° 3" by Brigitte Derbigny, Original Artwork, Acrylic
vénus carton n° 3 - Drawing, 27.6x19.7 in ©2020 by Brigitte Derbigny - Tribal Art, tribal-art-950, Graffiti, graffiti, collage, blanc, vénus, écriture
"vénus carton n° 3"

Acrylic on Paper | 27.6x19.7 in

Drawing titled "Rückzug" by Werner Schaile, Original Artwork, Ink Mounted on Cardboard
Rückzug - Drawing, 15x12.8 in ©1969 by Werner Schaile - Symbolism, symbolism-1020, Mythology

Ink on Paper | 15x12.8 in

Drawing titled "Leopard" by Magali Lapeyre-Mirande, Original Artwork, Pencil
Leopard - Drawing, 19.7x27.6 in ©2023 by Magali Lapeyre-Mirande - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Animal, leopard, nature, dessin, afrique, animal

Pencil on Paper | 19.7x27.6 in

Drawing titled "LOINTAIN" by Noël Pasquier, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Cardboard
LOINTAIN - Drawing, 15.8x15.8 in ©2016 by Noël Pasquier - Abstract, abstract-570

Acrylic on Paper | 15.8x15.8 in

Drawing titled "night of purificati…" by Ahmed Mejbri, Original Artwork, Ballpoint pen
night of purification - Drawing, 15.8x11.8 in ©2020 by Ahmed Mejbri - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Africa, amazigh, north africa, berber, tamazgha, tunisia, kabyle
"night of purification"

Ballpoint pen on Paper | 15.8x11.8 in

Drawing titled ""Atmosphère citée",…" by André Reda Dadoun, Original Artwork, Marker
"Atmosphère citée", étude pour installation vidéo. - Drawing, 11.8x11.8 in ©1998 by André Reda Dadoun - Dessin, Moderne, Masque, Figuratif, Moderne, Contemporain
""Atmosphère citée", étude pour installation vidéo."

Marker on Paper | 11.8x11.8 in

Drawing titled "Birds" by Symona Colina, Original Artwork, Pencil
Birds - Drawing, 22.1x29.9 in ©2023 by Symona Colina - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Animal, Birds

Pencil on Paper | 22.1x29.9 in

On Request
Drawing titled "Geronimo" by Donatho Krohne, Original Artwork, Pencil
Geronimo - Drawing, 35.4x23.6 in ©2023 by Donatho Krohne - Symbolism, symbolism-1020, Horse, Fine Art, Pencil drawing, Paper

Pencil on Paper | 35.4x23.6 in

Drawing titled "Lamia" by Dimitris Kritsotakis, Original Artwork, Graphite
Lamia - Drawing, 39.4x27.6 in ©2018 by Dimitris Kritsotakis - Abstract, abstract-570, Lamia, Imaginary, snake

Graphite on Paper | 39.4x27.6 in

Drawing titled "Woda czarna n°33 Po…" by Josef Ciesla, Original Artwork, Pastel Mounted on Other rigid panel
Woda czarna n°33 Potem - Drawing, 31.5x23.6 in ©2009 by Josef Ciesla - Abstract, abstract-570, Color
"Woda czarna n°33 Potem"

Pastel on Paper | 31.5x23.6 in

Drawing titled "Chihuahua with red…" by Tim Burton, Original Artwork, Watercolor
Chihuahua with red nose - Drawing, 11.5x8.5 in ©2005 by Tim Burton - Illustration, illustration-600, Dog, Tim Burton, dog, drawing, Gothic, gloom
"Chihuahua with red nose"

Watercolor on Paper | 11.5x8.5 in

Drawing titled "Torda Szilas és Mes…" by Jenő Dienes, Original Artwork, Pencil
Torda Szilas és Messi - Drawing, 11.4x8.3 in ©2023 by Jenő Dienes - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Train, Messi, jégkorong, vasút, gleccser, rend, logika, Torda
"Torda Szilas és Messi"

Pencil on Paper | 11.4x8.3 in

Prints available
Drawing titled "Tired" by Garça, Original Artwork, Ink
Tired - Drawing, 11.7x8.3 in ©2021 by Garça - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Portrait

Ink on Cardboard | 11.7x8.3 in

Drawing titled "D.A. N°:029" by Hakan Portakal, Original Artwork, Acrylic
D.A. N°:029 - Drawing, 9.5x7.1 in ©2023 by Hakan Portakal - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract
"D.A. N°:029"

Acrylic on Canvas | 9.5x7.1 in

Drawing titled "Elephant 2" by Rémi Capobianco, Original Artwork, Pencil
Elephant 2 - Drawing, 21.7x25.6 in ©2023 by Rémi Capobianco - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Animal, Elephant, Dessin, Drawing, Réalisme, Realism, Hyperréalisme, Hyperealism, Craie, Crayon, Graphite, Nature, Animal, Animals, Elephants
"Elephant 2"

Pencil on Paper | 21.7x25.6 in

Prints available
Drawing titled "Michael Schumacher" by Fabrice Laurent, Original Artwork, Pastel
Michael Schumacher - Drawing, 25.6x19.7 in ©2021 by Fabrice Laurent - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, michaelschumacher, schumarer, schumi, pastel, dessin, crayon, piloteautomobile
"Michael Schumacher"

Pastel on Paper | 25.6x19.7 in

Drawing titled "Underground" by Bara, Original Artwork, Graphite Mounted on Cardboard
Underground - Drawing, 19.7x27.6 in ©2020 by Bara - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Women, métro, homme, homeless

Graphite on Paper | 19.7x27.6 in

Drawing titled "Golden inspiration" by Marijana Rakićević, Original Artwork, Pencil
Golden inspiration - Drawing, 27.6x19.7 in ©2021 by Marijana Rakićević - Figurative, figurative-594, Esotericism, figurative art, fun art, pencil drawing, the best young artist, woman artist, gold, golden inspiration, inspiration, eggs, photo art, photography, art collections, art museums, how to buy art, we love art
"Golden inspiration"

Pencil on Paper | 27.6x19.7 in

Drawing titled "IN ARMS" by Miro Gradinšćak, Original Artwork, Graphite Mounted on Cardboard
IN ARMS - Drawing, 16.5x24 in ©2022 by Miro Gradinšćak - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Nude, woman, girl, female, love, baby, children, gentleness, mother, naked woman, photorealism, hyperrealism, female body, tattoo, batman, in arms, black and white, figurative

Graphite on Paper | 16.5x24 in

Prints available
Drawing titled "Zwei Frauen II" by Barbara Kroll, Original Artwork, Pencil
Zwei Frauen II - Drawing, 27.6x39.4 in ©2022 by Barbara Kroll - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Women, Portrait, Frau
"Zwei Frauen II"

Pencil on Cardboard | 27.6x39.4 in

Prints available
Drawing titled "Obsession" by Chifart, Original Artwork, Charcoal
Obsession - Drawing, 25.2x22.4 in ©2021 by Chifart - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Portrait

Charcoal on Paper | 25.2x22.4 in

Drawing titled "One village tree" by Damir Kamenar, Original Artwork, Ink
One village tree - Drawing, 27.6x19.7 in ©2023 by Damir Kamenar - Figurative, figurative-594, Forest
"One village tree"

Ink on Paper | 27.6x19.7 in

Drawing titled "The state of the Mi…" by Toneroartwork Anthony Edem, Original Artwork, Ballpoint pen
The state of the Mind - Drawing, 25x20.5 in ©2023 by Toneroartwork Anthony Edem - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, Women, mind, state of the mind, state, ball pen on paper, pen, pen artwork, ballpen, pen art, the mind, ink on paper, ball pen art
"The state of the Mind"

Ballpoint pen on Paper | 25x20.5 in

Drawing titled "Vittoriano" by Maria Susarenko, Original Artwork, Gel pen
Vittoriano - Drawing, 39.4x27.6 in ©2023 by Maria Susarenko - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Monument, rome, rome cityscape, rome rooftops, rome from above, rome italy, rome city drawing, vittoriano, rome monument, rome streets, rome architecture

Gel pen on Cardboard | 39.4x27.6 in

Drawing titled "Fantaisie" by Denis Gernigon, Original Artwork, Pencil Mounted on Glass
Fantaisie - Drawing, 27.6x19.7 in ©2019 by Denis Gernigon - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Women, pop art, charcoal master, charcoal drawing, dessin pierre noire

Pencil on Paper | 27.6x19.7 in

Drawing titled "At the edge of Byza…" by Stephen Grossman, Original Artwork, Ink
At the edge of Byzantium - study 5 - Drawing, 28x40 in ©2014 by Stephen Grossman - Abstract, abstract-570, City, memory, mapping, Venice
"At the edge of Byzantium - study 5"

Ink on Paper | 28x40 in

Drawing titled "L'Ombra di Jung" by Nicola De Luca, Original Artwork, Graphite
L'Ombra di Jung - Drawing, 8.7x29.5 in ©2023 by Nicola De Luca - Figurative, figurative-594, Women, jung, figura, specchio, ombra, luce, drawing, face, profile, woman, beauty
"L'Ombra di Jung"

Graphite on Cardboard | 8.7x29.5 in

Drawing titled "ZURICH" by Loui Jover, Original Artwork, Ink
ZURICH - Drawing, 46.5x30.7 in ©2022 by Loui Jover - Figurative, figurative-594, Women, jover, louijover, woman, emotion, ink, bookpages

Ink on Paper | 46.5x30.7 in

Prints available
Drawing titled "savanna eyes" by Natalia Nakonechnaia, Original Artwork, Acrylic
savanna eyes - Drawing, 9.8x7.1 in ©2019 by Natalia Nakonechnaia - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Animal, Nature, animals, cheetah, surrealism
"savanna eyes"

Acrylic on Paper | 9.8x7.1 in

Drawing titled "Dots" by Elzem, Original Artwork, Ink
Dots - Drawing, 116.9x82.7 in ©2023 by Elzem - Animal, art, dot, black, white, artline, animal, leon

Ink on Paper | 116.9x82.7 in

Prints available
Drawing titled "Mood in the salon" by Daniel Sisay, Original Artwork, Graphite
Mood in the salon - Drawing, 11.7x16.5 in ©2023 by Daniel Sisay - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Nude
"Mood in the salon"

Graphite on Paper | 11.7x16.5 in

Drawing titled "09q234 / small deta…" by Leni Smoragdova, Original Artwork, Pencil
09q234 / small details of routines” - {$M} Drawing - Drawing, 16.5x11.4 in ©2021 by Leni Smoragdova - Figurative, figurative-594, Erotic, transaction art, hidden face, window, red and blue color, naked woman, animal, ball, leg, foot, black color, female artist
"09q234 / small details of routines” - {$M} Drawing"

Pencil on Paper | 16.5x11.4 in

Prints available
Drawing titled "Calme" by Calli-Style, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Calme - Drawing, 31.5x23.6 in ©2023 by Calli-Style - Calligraphy, calligraphy-210

Acrylic on Canvas | 31.5x23.6 in

Prints available
Drawing titled "Black and white" by Yasemin Inan, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Black and white - Drawing, 13.8x9.8 in ©2022 by Yasemin Inan - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract
"Black and white"

Acrylic on Paper | 13.8x9.8 in



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