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Carla Sá Fernandes Artist

I recommend Artmajeur all the time! Especially to fellow artists.

Interview conducted on Mar 13, 2017

This sale went really smooth. I got paid via PayPal.  I already knew the buyer, so I didn't use any tool to verify his reliability. I sent him to my Artmajeur profile for the sale, to see if I could boost my sales over here.

No, I did not use the order and billing system offered by Artmajeur. I am a professional artist and obliged by the Portuguese law to issue a certified invoice for every sale I make, so the system offered by Artmajeur is not useful for me.

I spend administering my account and profile about 5 hours per week. The image management system of my works meets my expectations. I recommend Artmajeur all the time! Especially to fellow artists.

The international dimension of Artmajeur in the type of contacts I have had on the site It´s of utmost importance. My main markets are the UK and the USA.

I love to know my collectors and have their feedback. Sometimes they even become my friends!

Some of the collectors like that Artmajeur makes it possible to connect them directly with artists without any intermediary, others don't. Some love to know you, to talk and to keep in touch. Others just want to buy your painting.

My advice:  You must figure out a way for your target market to perceive the “extra” value of your work. You must stop and think how is my work different from the others work? What makes it unique? Find those answers and then communicate them to your target market. Make them want to own that very special and unique piece.

I actively promote myself and my works on multiple channels, mostly on social media. It takes me about half of my time to do it but it pays off!

~ Carla Sá Fernandes

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They sold on Artmajeur: Carla Sá Fernandes

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