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I already recommended Artmajeur to friends and people I know.

Interview conducted on Sep 17, 2019

Everything went very good with the sale. As soon as the client made the purchase order for one of my paintings, the deposit got directly to my PayPal account. I already knew the client and we accorded to make the purchase through Artmajeur. I used the invoice offered by Artmajeur.


It is actually very little time I use per week to administering my account, mostly spent it in answering some messages or looking at other artists’ work to mark as favorites.

The new platform design improvements makes it easier to manage the account and look through many artworks.

I already recommended Artmajeur to friends and people I know.


Definitely there’s a high international feel in the platform, artists from all around the world are presenting their work. I think international market is very important to the majority of artists, no matter where they come from. It’s the opportunity to reach a bigger audience.


Yes, is important the direct relationship with the customer to me, and I think it might be important for them as well being able to talk directly to the artist they are interested in.

 I think selling in the internet needs of precaution and patience. Taking the sufficient time to check information, don’t trust people that wants to buy in a hurry or negotiate hard-pressed and if something doesn’t feel “completely right”, just don’t go ahead.

~ Valeria Feliú

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They sold on Artmajeur: Valeria Feliú

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