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The transactions here are the best I’ve ever met!

Interview conducted on Sep 15, 2017

To make a sale on Artmajeur was a fascinating experience. First of all, I would like to emphasize the convenience of the transactions! Also, the messenger here is very user-friendly for direct communication with a buyer. Then, the opportunity to be paid in different ways is the really beneficial option. Unlike with other websites and art-platforms, bank transfers are available in Artmajeur, which is hugely advantageous for me. Moreover, the major asset of the service is embodied in the sales policy. An artist is firstly paid, and only then sends an artwork. Thus, the transactions are safe for both, the artist and a buyer, and turn out to be fraud-free. Artmajeur does not take much time to check the buyer’s account. Operating via the website will always mean safety and reliability. The transactions here are the best I’ve ever met!

I try to spend as much time as possible administering my Artmajeur profile. Keeping the profile information relevant and updated is highly essential and useful for interaction with buyers and artists as well.

Besides, the modern world is developing very fast! I don’t mean the virtual online gallery can make up for a real museum or exhibition. However, many people seem to buy artworks online because it is practical and reliable enough. That’s why I do monitor my content quality very carefully. A well-produced painting must be proven with its well-done presentation, anyway! Also, I’ve found the tips valuable not only for beginners but for experienced users to increase their sales. Definitely, I will recommend Artemajeur as the great and convenient trading platform.

Artmajeur is the international platform with very high traffic, and one can feel it almost immediately. I have been using this service not for long but I have already managed to see all the benefits. Also, I have received many reviews from the artists here, and yet, communicated with customers from all over the globe. Hence, the opportunity to enter the international market seems to be absolutely important for any artist. Finally, everyone has a possibility to show own artworks to an unbelievable number of buyers, collectors, and art-admirers from dozens of countries. It is indeed a global interaction!

As for me, direct communication with a client is a monumental aspect! And it implies a plenty of reasons. An artist and customer can solve a lot of emerging issues quickly, including packing, delivery time, and customs documents together during the conversation. Besides, the artist has a precious opportunity to feel and understand the customer’s tastes, preferences, favorite styles, and so on. Moreover, such an experience is not less valuable for the customers. Each party is meant to have own responsibilities. Therefore, such communication leads to mutual understanding and trust between the artists and buyers.

My Advice: Selling on the Internet should be very cautious and vigilant since there is an increasing amount of fraud. The primary piece of advice is to communicate only via the platform messengers. Remember not to accept any suspicious offers to communicate by email. It can be only the extreme occurrence when you already know your buyer well. Finally, make your content of high quality, be competitive, and develop professionally.

~ Zhanna Kondratenko

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They sold on Artmajeur: Zhanna Kondratenko

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