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It is a real pleasure to see what a wide international access Artmajeur gallery opens to my art

Interview conducted on Apr 19, 2017

My sale on Artmajeur was smooth. Successful sales are always very welcome J. I have been paid by PayPal – which is primary payment method on my Artmajeur account. After the client had made the transaction through Paypal I have written an e-mail to him to arrange the shipping details.

Image management system on Artmajeur is very simple and convenient to work with. I have never tracked precise time consumption, but it doesn‘t take more than few hours per week for me to administer my Artmajeur account and profile. Usually, I skip most of the available tips on my account, but the ones I used had been very informative and helpful. I would recommend Artmajeur to any painter. Actually, I have already recommended it to some of my artist friends.  

I have got followers on Artmajeur from many different countries. It is a real pleasure to see what a wide international access Artmajeur gallery opens to my art. I think international art market is the primary aim for any artist, that‘s why I find it very important to me.

From my point of view - the best thing about Artmajeur is a direct connection between a customer and an artist. I think most of the customers appreciate this and find it convenient. It does encourage art buyers and artists to communicate to each other. I would compare it with a local market, where you can get to know a producer of the product (a piece of cheese becomes even tastier when you meet a person it has been made by – a real man, not some kind of a machine...) It applies to all kind of relationship between customers and suppliers/providers. If opinion, advice or any kind of information is available from the first source – this is the place I choose to buy products or services from.

There are some shades to be careful about in a process of selling your art on the internet. Fortunately, I don‘t have many practices with the pitfalls. But I know that first thing to avoid is unclarity and obscurity. My rule is never to rush. If in doubt – ask for assistance from those who has more practice. The deal can not look too complicated, if it does – there is something wrong with it. All proper agreements are simple and absolutely clear to both sides. I would encourage the artist not to avoid dealing with a client – just work with a confidence and rely on your own intuition. Anyway, there is no such thing as insurance from all cases in the world.

~ Jonas Kunickas

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They sold on Artmajeur: Jonas Kunickas

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