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Vous avez beaucoup de talent avec une grande simplicité bravo!

ARNAUD THEVENIN France | Nov 14, 2013

Send me your address so I can list you as a contributor to the Gutai mail art show.

John Held United Nations | Oct 25, 2012

Hi Jan! Just looked up "Die Neue Mitte" and see that it's listed as available. I sure wish I was in a position to purchase it. Thank you again for allowing us to use it at our website. It's still such a relevant piece... and more so every day.

Niki Raapana United Nations | Nov 3, 2011

Hello Jan, thank you for accepting my facebook invitation. your work is awesome!!!

ilias Charis France | Sep 4, 2008

De eenvoud van uw schilderijen doet ons denken aan Miro,maar KRACHT stralen ze uit!!Ook zeer sterk onder de indruk over uw gedichten!!!

Nini en Willy

Jan, Ik ben onder de indruk van je prachtige kunstwerken. Het is voor mij dan ook een grote eer om jouw kunstwerk 'fagospatose' als schaal in glas te mogen maken. Lei

Lei Borro Niger | Jan 20, 2008

Jan, parabéns pelo teu trabalho. Gostei do teu abstraccionismo minimalista com cores e formas de forte impacto que contribuem para o dinamismo das obras. Bravo!

Ricardo Passos Sacavém, Portugal | Mar 21, 2007

Nice site ;)

andy-2 Albania | Jan 18, 2006

Thoroughly enjoyed your website and look forward to visiting it often. I first came upon your work on the website EXPOSE'D, which recently published some of my own. I salute your powerful creative vision and thank you for sharing it with the world.Aberjhani

aberjhani United Nations | Jul 5, 2005

Greetings from Norway :)