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In 1985 faces appeared in my mandala form and in 1990 I painted several mandala masks on wood. I wore them and started dancing in my studio. At the same time fotos and videos were taken by me with the help of self-timer cameras and recorded the movements. 1990-1995 I over-painted with acrylic colors several of these fotos and I call these series as transmuted-fotos. In 2000 I experimented with several materials such as fotos, fotokopies, and integrated them on canvas with thick acrylic impasto colors and these series I call mixedmedia. From 2000-2004 I worked on figurative paintings. Here I felt the necessity to deal with human emotions. For me masks were already representing the emotions but in figurative compositions I started consciously dealing with them. I felt that I was fighting with my colours and brush on the battle field and the field was my canvas. I call these compositions Mandala Conscious Beings. I realised that we human beings are much more than what we wear. We are constantly wearing our masks and play different roles. We are changing but not removing the mask! Mahirwan Mamtani

Mahirwan Mamtani