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Born in 1966 in Bucharest / Romania
Living in Paris / France since 1989
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After an MA in German language and civilization at Sorbonne Paris III, she wanted to enrich her personal experience through a commercial training course at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris, followed by a third cycle of commercial specialization at the Business Management Institute of Paris Sorbonne I. in order to build an invisible bridge between the world of letters, art and business.
She has been painting since she was a child. At the age of seven, she designed the drawings of an animated cartoon titled KALEIDOSCOPE which was presented on the big screens of cinema halls in Bucharest. For her drawings, Iléna Lescaut received the Jury's special prize.
As a teenager, she took drawing classes with a professional of the Beaux Arts Institute in Bucharest.
In her paintings, she loves to play with colors, shadows and light, geometrical lines and symbols, letting her imagination project the everyday details, objects or places surrounding us. She blends various techniques and often uses miscellaneous materials. Her work is at the borders of figurative and abstract art, thus her painting can be called « abstract figurative ».

Iléna Lescaut