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2014 14 Images

photos taken in 2014

Fall 2013 16 Images

photos taken during the Fall of 2013

2013 44 Images

images by Hal

2010 Photographs 85 Images

Photos taken in Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York City and Michigan in 2010

Florida 2009 - 2010 98 Images

Low Res Photos, Central Florida, 2009 2010

Dog Land 88 Images

One dog. One Camera of very low quality. Western Michigan & several dogs in North Carolina. North Americas

Western Michigan / Chicago (2006 - 2010) 35 Images

very low resolution photographs from western Michigan & downtown Chicago

The American Upper Midwest 46 Images

a collection of photographs from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan

Squirrel Squirrel Squirrel 20 Images

Squirrels who asked to have their portraits taken.Loring Park, Minnneapolis.

North Carolina 48 Images

low resolution digital photographs taken in North Carolina

Waters Surface 25 Images

The Surface of Water

Under 1 megapixel: Photos 97 Images

low resolution digital photos taken with a digital camera (under 1 megapixel)

North Carolina in Low Resolution 35 Images

Low Resolution Photographs taken in North Carolina in 2006

Toy Camera 2007 48 Images

photographs taken with a toy camera in 2007

Under 1 megapixel: digital photographs 70 Images

photographs taken with a digital camera (under 1 megapixel)

Under 1 Megapixel 78 Images

photographs taken with a digital camera

New York City 2007 19 Images

photos of New York City with a low tech camera

Low Resolution Photography 39 Images

an exploration of what a "low end" camera is capable of doing...