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Creatrix - Painting,  150x100 cm ©2008 by Karisma -
Creatrix - Painting, 150x100 cm ©2008 by Karisma -
© 2008 Karisma


Creatrix 2008

150x100 cm ~ Painting, Other

About this artwork: The Creatrix

This is the Creatrix, the collective image of the Divine Feminine: the Goddess from the various epochs and cultures. She is Isis, who later transformed into Mary, she is Sophia the Wisdom of God, Goddess of the Creative Maternal Waters, Woman of Apocalypse, with the sleeping dragon at her feet. She is the pagan Moon Goddess, wearing the Crescent on her forehead; she is Shekinah of the Kabbalah.

Inside her lotus womb is the baby Horus, son of Isis, above him is the Holy Grail, the symbol of the Goddess, and the God’s power on Earth… the rest is up to your imagination. This painting is truly esoteric in its meaning and as such, it can’t be explained in words it can only be revealed through the observation and meditation upon it. Did I mention already it is a powerful talisman to hang in your home?

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