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Coloursections 2 37 Images

more incredible colours with creatures on it

lagoons 91 Images

Blair witch files, Abendrot & Kabuki 78 Images

What is left after this strange project. These are the 7 files found after the trial about this project. The eyes in the ghost-heads are made of gold. These series is as total for sale for a reduced price of € 4500,=. Seven for the price of Six! Painted in oil on a high quality Ingres-paper. In red en orange Arbouw created kabuki theatre types and a series inspirated on Abendrot from Richard Strauss out of the cyclus Letzte Lieder. Here you see women with her already died relatives surrounding h...

About Valiant, Sparkling and Georges Nicolas Oom 121 Images

Somewhere in in foreign country... a fairy-tale about several lovely creatures and their voyages all over the world

My dear Georges Nicolas Oom part 2 37 Images

In this second part you can find Sparkling and her friends making several voyages

Decorations 46 Images

on order

Arte povera 39 Images

A mix from installations, mixed media and assemblys

Assemblys 16 Images

Etchings 13 Images

Monoprints 1982-1985 10 Images

with European and Egyptian mythological creatures, masks, lemmons, cave's, Chinese types, Japanese gardens and more

Wallpaintings 29 Images

Photography 99 Images

Photography 2 81 Images

Photograpy 3 90 Images

Photography 4 30 Images

Buddha&Compagnie 12 Images

Another part: digital art C.R.Jonsson - Sweden - 2006-11-29: Lots of variety in your work...wonderful to see an artist not afraid to push boundaries! Congratulations!