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i remember the director's chair w/denim seat and the green, cubism inspired painting you rejected due to a small imperfection, if i recall it right. this is sometime in the early '70s, on one of my visits to your BF Homes house, we used to play tennis then. Regards.

toti linis Philippines | May 30, 2013

Thank you all for your reaction/comments to my works. Thank you too to Edwige and Mazarine Academy. I had your comments in French translated to English, here they are: Edwige - France - .. * Hello Finally of the major art.a great discovery for me, a great wealth, thank you Mazarine Academy - France - 86.221.14 ... * Sir, your style is unique. Bravo! Wishing you a good continuation in your works.

Glenn Bautista Houston Texas, United States | Dec 15, 2011

ang sabi mo magpapatayo ka lang ng kubo sa cavite..

aivan Saudi Arabia | Dec 15, 2011

seriously and masterly done,as if, you're travelling in a new world

mario patdu Philippines | Sep 13, 2010

always have been an admirer of glenn b works; always will be!

jon-1 Australia | May 5, 2008

Glenn, Holey Moley, Great Works of Arts! Cheers, Tante

Tante tagamolila Afghanistan | May 1, 2008

Very impressive. Ang galing!

Doris Rifareal

Hi, Glenn. Purihin ang Diyos! And to God be all the glory! Warm regards.

Danny A. United Nations | Apr 30, 2008

Superb work of art!

alex balili Philippines | Apr 30, 2008

Bonjour Enfin de l'ART MAJEUR.Une grande découverte pour moi, une grande richesse, merci

EDWIGE LEFEVRE France | Apr 25, 2008

Monsieur, votre style est unique. Bravo! Vous souhaitant une bonne continuation dans vos oeuvres.

Académie Mazarine