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Glenn's UST('63) & UP(64-69) Schoolplates 13 Images

Glenn's UST('63) & UP(64-69) Schoolplates / Glenn started his college education at the University of Santo Thomas in 1963, the oldest university in the Philippines. But in 1964, Glenn decided to move to the University of the Philippines, the highest ranked and only national university in the Philippines. He finished his Certificate in Fine Arts (CFA) in 1969.

Art Photos '80-'89 19 Images

Pencil, acrylic, etc., sketched on prepared analogue black & white photo achieved by dodging, leaving negative areas to draw on. These were pre-Photoshop artworks, done by hand and nothing digital. Reproduction Rights and Hand-signed Prints on Canvas, Clay-coated and Arches-France Papers, are for sale.

Sketches '63-'08 24 Images

Quick thumbnails or more serious sketches were a carry-over of college discipline. This I do before I undertake a painting either with acrylics or oils or even just for pastel compositions. This is the reason why I have accumulated a lot of sketches which I kept in my wooden cabinet, an inheritance from my mother who fancied old style pieces of furniture . . only to realize in the end, that these sketches prove to be the art pieces I now hold dear. Now, I know, it is in these sketches that my th...

Collage-Drawings '02 16 Images

Inkjet prints of drawings and photos I did in my garden that I cut and pasted on vellum paper, then, worked on it again adding more drawings and colors - - definitely, an exciting way of discovering things via this technique.

Pastel-Pencil Drawings 10 Images

Pastel-pencil Drawing on Paper

Cogon-Abaca Drawings '82 11 Images

Upon my Dad's suggestion to tour the Philippines in place of creating artworks having noticed that I was already a workoholic, I finally gave in and dropped my tools to go on a long journey hopping from one island to another of the 7 thousand plus islands in the Philippines. When I arrived at the mountain provinces up north, I could not believe to have found myself in a beautiful place named "Sagada". I fell in love with the place and its weather and spent a few months there. Not having any art...

Cosmicscapes 1981-83 10 Images

Not so much of what I imagine a "cosmic-scape" could be, but more on the possibilities of what any drawing tool can lead me to, e.g.: a quick mathematical progression from small to large doodle can make a futuristic-scape exhibiting a foreground, middle-ground and a background. These pencil-pastel sketches are the result of this creative thought and of course, its variations.

Glenn's Oil on Canvas / 2006-07 44 Images

Spiritual landscapes that continue to haunt and revisit me, both awake and in my dreams, better expressed on large-format canvases to lessen or shorten this, seemingly, never ending journey, leading me to my Maker.

Nudescapes 2002-2003 11 Images

A series of "Nudescapes" I worked on for about a year in a collage manner fusing both the digital and the analog approaches. Although really involved in this particular creative process, I always had behind my mind to do this in a bigger scale but failed to, simply because I couldn't stop exhausting the possibilities of what that "collage and drawing approach" could offer. Created artworks onwards but opted to do bigger oils on canvas until the year 2007. What I overlooked to do is still at the...