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The Barbie Intimacies 19 Images

It all started with "Studio Barbie" and has evolved since then into a series of Barbie captures.

Pencil Drawings 8 Images

Ideas for later photographs and etc.

Flowers of 2008 29 Images

Already, my camera is overloaded with this year's growth.

Recent Photography 20 Images

Eclectic shots taken with my Canon Rebel XT. Usually the only enhancements are tweeking the contrast. I like things pure and simple.

Black & White Photographic Images 11 Images

Black & White Digital Photography taken with a Canon Rebel XT.

Nudes 32 Images

These captures are sensual, natural visions of the human form. They are not intended to arouse anything but inspiration. Taken with either a Canon AE-1 with a Tamron zoom lens or a Canon Rebel XT digital camera.

Nature 100 Images

I'm an avid gardener, so it only makes sense that I would try to preserve my labors as long as possible. Here are some shots from around my yard, as well as those in appreciation of nature elsewhere. Images are taken with a Canon Rebel XT digital camera.

New Orleans 13 Images

These images are taken during 2 weeks in New Orleans before the devastation. I have yet to be back to see if everything here is still there.

Found Art 21 Images

Sometimes the best art is just right there in front of you waiting to be noticed.

Nudes 6 Images

Paintings derived from my photography of nude models.

Portraits 19 Images

Everyone is beautiful. Just look and you will see.