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Cathal O Malley

Pricelist - new paintings 2017 (98 Images)

Address :

aughrismore, cleggan Clifden , Ireland

Telephone : 086 0792191 / 087 0792191

rolling waves, 16x20x1 in For Sale $342.06
light in the woods, 16x20x1 in For Sale $330.26
passing-ships, 16x20x2 in For Sale $347.95
bavarian-castle, 16x20x2 in For Sale $330.26
the maamturks, 16x20x2 in For Sale $330.26
lighthouse-fastnet.jpg, 16x20x2 in For Sale $347.95
maam bogland, 16x20x2 in For Sale $330.26
puffin too, 16x20x2 in For Sale $330.26
leenane-autumn, 16x20x2 in For Sale $347.95
connemara light, 16x20x2 in Sold $347.95
far-killary-boats.jpg, 16x20x2 in Sold $347.95
beara penninsula dingle, 16x20x2 in Sold $347.95
A forest walk, 20x16x2 in Sold $347.95
far-carlingford-lough.jpg, 16x20x1 in Sold $306.67
summer-waves.jpg, 16x20x1 in Sold $377.44
Doolough sheep, 16x20x2 in For Sale $330.26
bantry-bay-hooker.jpg, 16x20x2 in For Sale $342.06
DOOLOUGH VALLEY SHEEP, 16x20x1 in For Sale $330.26
glendalough lake, 16x20x1 in For Sale $530.78
glendalough-co-wick.jpg Available on request Price on request
connemara-mountains., 16x20x2 in Sold $330.26
derryclare lake, 16x20x2 in For Sale $330.26
keel beach achill, 16x20x2 in Sold $330.26
ballinahinch river, 16x20x2 in For Sale $330.26
sheep in inagh valley, 16x20x2 in For Sale $318.47
Galway hooker sailing, 16x20x2 in Sold $342.06
ships in cobh, 16x20x2 cm Sold $377.44
forest-walk-april-, 16x20x2 in Sold $342.06
fanad-lighthouse, 16x20x3 in Sold $330.26
border-collies, 16x20x3 in For Sale $318.47
summer-days, 16x20x2 in Sold $377.44
shade of croagh patrick, 16x20x2 cm For Sale $330.26
evening-sunset.jpg, 16x20x2 in Sold $330.26
the tall ship, 16x20x2 in Sold $342.06
dunguaire castle, 16x20x2 in Sold $342.06
aughrisbeg waves, 16x20x2 in For Sale $342.06
forest stream, 16x20x2 in For Sale $342.06
road to lenane, 16x20x2 in Sold $330.26
tide's out, 16x20x2 in For Sale $330.26
corrib-sunset.jpg, 20x24x2 in Sold $412.83
valley sheep ,connemara, 16x20x2 in Sold $330.26
the claddagh boats, 16x20x2 cm Sold $330.26
winter snowfall, 16x20x2 in Sold $401.03
lake mountain, 16x20x2 in Sold $377.44
connemara morning, 18x24x2 in Sold $530.78
road to connemara, 16x20x2 in For Sale $530.78
forest walk autumn, 16x20x2 in For Sale $271.29
franks cottage, 16x20x2 in Sold $401.03
killary boat, 16x20x2 in For Sale $330.26
the-river-bank.jpg, 16x20x2 in For Sale $401.03
Aughrisbeg sunset, 16x20x2 in For Sale $330.26
omey strand, 16x20x2 in For Sale $330.26
connemara clouds, 16x20x2 in Sold $294.88
keel-beach-achill-co-mayo.jpg, 16x20x2 in For Sale $330.26
child-beach-2016.jpg, 16x20x2 in Sold $330.26
quiet-man-cottage-aug.jpg, 16x20x2 cm For Sale $330.26
fishing at omey, 16x20x2 in Sold $330.26
evening-calm.jpg, 16x20x2 in For Sale $330.26
omey-summer.jpg, 16x20x2 in For Sale $271.29
ballinahinch-2016-july.jpg, 16x20x2 in For Sale $330.26
stormy-seas-2016.jpg, 16x20x2 in For Sale $330.26
galway-bay-2016.jpg, 16x20x2 in Sold $330.26
connemara-light-, 20x24x2 in Sold $401.03
galway-hooker-connemara.jpg, 16x20x2 in For Sale $330.26
summer by the sea, 16x2x20 in Sold $377.44
puppy by a window, 16x2x20 in Sold $377.44
dunguaire castle galway, 16x2x20 in Sold $377.44
summer days, 16x2x20 in Sold $377.44
kylemore lake 2015, 16x2x20 in Sold $377.44
sunset castles, 16x2x20 in For Sale $330.26
girl on a beach, 16x2x20 in Sold $377.44
glendalough reflections, 16x2x20 in Sold $377.44
forest gallop, 24x2x18 in Sold $377.44
cleggan sunset waves, 16x2x20 in Sold $330.26
meadow flowers, 18x2x24 in For Sale $377.44
arthurstown co wexford, 18x2x18 in For Sale $271.29
cottage window flowers, 16x2x20 in For Sale $330.26
connemara bogland, 16x2x20 in For Sale $377.44
breaking waves, 16x2x20 in Sold $330.26
boats on the shannon, 16x2x20 in For Sale $377.44
window flowers, 16x2x20 in Sold $330.26
the boat race, 16x2x20 in For Sale $330.26
summer girl, 16x2x20 in Sold $330.26
castle-hotel-connemara, 16x2x20 in For Sale $377.44
aughrisbeg beach april, 16x2x20 in For Sale $330.26
bridge in co clare, 16x2x20 in For Sale $330.26
sailing the atlantic, 16x2x20 in For Sale $377.44
sheep in maam valley, 16x2x20 in For Sale $330.26
flowers in the window, 16x2x20 in Sold $377.44
loughguile church scene, 16x2x20 in Sold $377.44
exploring the woods, 16x2x20 in Sold $377.44
ballinahinch swans, 16x2x20 in Sold $377.44
giants causeway, 16x2x20 in For Sale $330.26
waves crashing over fastnet lighthouse, 16x2x20 in For Sale $330.26
kylemore lake feb, 16x2x20 in For Sale $377.44
walk in the woods, 16x2x20 in For Sale $377.44
cruagh island currach, 16x2x20 in For Sale $330.26
hens castle lough corrib, 16x2x20 in Not For Sale Not For Sale