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Cathal O Malley

Pricelist - new paintings 2013 (106 Images)

Address :

aughrismore, cleggan Clifden , Ireland

Telephone : 086 0792191 / 087 0792191

lakeside reflections, 16x2x20 in For Sale $326.76
march of the druids, 16x2x12 in Sold $268.41
the way home, 16x2x20 in For Sale $326.76
atlantic tide achill, 16x2x20 in For Sale $268.41
art calenders for 2014, 16x2x12 in For Sale $18.67
glendalough co wiclow, 24x2x18 in Sold $0.00
connemara light, 16x2x20 in For Sale $326.76
november snow, 24x2x18 in For Sale $373.44
the lone stag, 16x2x20 in For Sale $396.78
launching a currach, 14x2x18 in For Sale $326.76
forest light nov, 16x2x20 in For Sale $373.44
sailing, 16x2x20 in Sold $326.76
inagh valley lake scene, 16x2x20 in Not For Sale $0.00 Not For Sale
ballinahinch sheep, 14x2x18 in For Sale $326.76
sunset birds the killary, 30x2x40 in Not For Sale $0.00 Not For Sale
hidden villlage, 16x2x20 in For Sale $326.76
forest cottages, 16x2x20 in Sold $373.44
valley sheep nov, 30x2x40 in For Sale $571.83
kylemore trees, 24x2x18 in Sold $373.44
inagh valley boathouse, 16x2x20 in For Sale $268.41
sunset beach, 24x2x18 in For Sale $291.75
beach in antrim, 14x2x18 in For Sale $268.41
beautiful connemara, 30x4x40 in Sold $571.83
cruagh islannd sunset, 14x2x18 in For Sale $268.41
rock of cashel tipperary, 16x2x20 in Sold $326.76
valley light oct, 16x2x20 in For Sale $268.41
winter light, 24x2x18 in Sold $326.76
waiting out the storm, 16x2x20 cm For Sale $326.76
screaming-gulls-oct.jpg, 24x2x18 cm For Sale $373.44
the wave, 16x2x12 cm Sold $210.06
out of the fog, 16x2x20 cm Sold $326.76
deborahs-dog.jpg, 14x2x18 in Sold $326.76
walking the dog, 16x2x20 in For Sale $373.44
seaside cottages, 32x2x12 in Sold $396.78
the wild atlantic sept 13, 24x2x18 in Sold $396.78
river fishing, 16x2x20 in Sold $326.76
forest light sept, 24x2x18 in Sold $396.78
the quiet man, 24x2x18 in Sold $396.78
connemara autumn, 18x2x24 in Sold $326.76
castle-at-ballinahinch-18-x-24.jpg, 24x2x18 in Sold $373.44
cottage-in-the-woods.jpg, 16x2x20 in Sold $373.44
summer evening, 24x2x18 in For Sale $396.78
inagh lake reflections, 16x2x12 in Sold $326.76
winter scene loughguile, 24x2x18 in Sold $373.44
summer-shade.jpg, 24x2x18 in Sold $373.44
star of the west, 40x2x30 in For Sale $583.50
recess reflections, 24x2x18 in For Sale $373.44
cleggan-head-sunset-august.jpg, 16x2x12 in For Sale $303.42
valley cottages 13, 16x2x20 in Sold $326.76
the old bog road,,,august, 16x2x20 in Sold $326.76
rossadillisk currachs, 16x2x20 in Sold $326.76
freedom, 24x2x18 in For Sale $373.44
galway bay sunset, 16x2x20 in Sold $373.44
croagh-patrick-co-mayo.jpg, 16x2x20 in Sold $326.76
omey cottage, 16x2x12 in For Sale $326.76
view from leenane, 24x2x18 in For Sale $326.76
nephin mountain co mayo, 16x2x20 in Sold $326.76
currach on mannin beach co galway, 16x2x20 in For Sale $326.76
cottage-in-mayo.jpg, 16x2x20 in Sold $326.76
river fishing july, 24x2x18 in Sold $326.76
evening light killary, 16x2x20 in Not For Sale $0.00 Not For Sale
connemara-bog.jpg, 16x2x20 in Sold $326.76
sheep-and-lamb-recess.jpg, 24x2x18 in For Sale $326.76
aughrisbeg-sunset.jpg, 16x2x20 in Sold $326.76
killarney-national-park.jpg, 16x2x12 in Sold $326.76
ballinahinch-fishing.jpg, 16x2x12 in For Sale $291.75
galway-hookers-racing-in-carna.jpg, 20x2x30 in For Sale $373.44
glynsk-evening-light.jpg, 16x2x20 in Sold $326.76
leenane-light.jpg, 16x2x20 in For Sale $326.76
"waiting", 24x2x24 in Sold $326.76
spring-swans.jpg, 16x2x20 in Sold $326.76
ballinahinch castle connemara, 14x2x18 cm For Sale $291.75
rossadilisk sunset co galway, 16x2x20 in For Sale $326.76
slea head dingle co kerry, 16x2x20 in Sold $373.44
valley-cottages.jpg, 30x2x40 in For Sale $466.80
inishbofin-sunset-june.jpg, 18x2x14 in Sold $326.76
RECESS COTTAGES CO GALWAY, 16x2x12 in For Sale $210.06
bay-of-islands.jpg, 16x2x20 in Sold $373.44
ballinahinch-lake-boat.jpg, 12x2x32 in Sold $373.44
my-connemara.jpg, 2x30x40 in Sold $560.16
lake-isle-of-inishfree.jpg, 20x16 in Sold $326.76
launching a currach omey osland, 12x2x32 cm Sold $326.76
lone-sheep-recess.jpg Sold Sold
inagh valley sheep 2013, 24x12 in For Sale $373.44
partry-mountains.jpg, 30x2x40 in Sold $525.15
forest lake, 20x30 in Sold $373.44
heading home, 16x20 in Sold $373.44
sailing into roundstone, 24x24 in For Sale $373.44
galway hooker may, 16x12 in For Sale $291.75
ship through a storm, 24x18 in Sold $326.76
aughrisbeg storm, 16x12 in Sold $256.74
cleggan head sunset, 18x24 in Sold $326.76
roundstone bog road, 24x12 cm Sold $326.76
rossidilisk currach, 16x12 in Sold $326.76
ballinahinch forest walk, 30x20 in Sold $373.44
valey island, 40x30 in Sold $560.16
leenane cottages, 24x18 in Sold $373.44
rockfleet castle home of grace o malley, 14x18 in Sold $326.76
fastnet lighthouse co cork, 16x12 in Sold $210.06
connemara castle, 30x20 in Sold $466.80