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Cathal O Malley

Pricelist - latest works summer 2012 (88 Images)

Address :

aughrismore, cleggan Clifden , Ireland

Telephone : 086 0792191 / 087 0792191

bogland light, 10x14 in For Sale $212.06
the fishing rock cruagh island, 24x18 in For Sale $329.87
kylemore abbey,sept, 20x16 in For Sale $447.68
tall ships bantry co cork, 16x20 in Sold $376.99
recess cottages 2013, 32x12 in Sold $376.99
evening waves, 16x20 in For Sale $329.87
cleggan waves, 40x30 in Sold $376.99
connemara evening, 16x12 in For Sale $212.06
evening close, 10x12 in For Sale $212.06
maam valley cottages, 16x20 in Sold $376.99
inagh valley sheep, 16x20 in Sold $329.87
roundstone co galway, 20x30 in Sold $471.24
the lost sheep, 16x20 in Sold $329.87
DOO VALLEY CO MAYO, 16x20 in For Sale $376.99
high island sunset, 20x16 in For Sale $329.87
connemara light, 30x20 in For Sale $376.99
aughrisbeg beach 2012, 32x12 in For Sale $376.99
forest deer, 30x20 in Sold $376.99
bottlenose dolphin co galway, 40x30 in For Sale $471.24
sea horses, 24x36 in For Sale $376.99
reflections sept 12, 24x18 in Sold $376.99
ballinahinch river fishing, 20x30 in Sold $329.87
sept letterfrack sheep, 16x20 in Sold Sold
karens daughter on a rescue boat, 24x36 in Sold $706.86
dog by the cliffs of moher, 16x12 in For Sale $294.53
kylemore lake scene, 24x18 in Sold $329.87
killary sunset sep, 16x20 in Sold $329.87
enyas castle, 16x12 in Sold $376.99
ballinahinch reflections sept, 8x10 in Sold $111.92
stallion fight, 24x18 in Sold $376.99
view of omey, 32x12 in Sold $376.99
anchor beach aughrisbeg co galway, 16x20 in Sold $329.87
old galway cottage, 20x30 in For Sale $376.99
oughterard lake boats, 16x16 in Sold $259.18
view of omey august, 30x12 in Sold $329.87
view of high island, 24x18 in Sold $376.99
kylemore fishing, 24x18 in Sold $329.87
ballinahinch sheep, 24x18 in Sold $376.99
kylemore sunset, 16x20 in Sold $329.87
omey island, 32x12 in Sold $376.99
lighthouse ship, 8x10 in For Sale $141.37
omey currach, 16x20 in Sold $329.87
hawk on the hunt, 24x18 in For Sale $447.68
connemara cottages, 30x20 in For Sale $447.68
sunshine sheep, 20x30 in Sold $447.68
galway cottage ireland, 16x12 in Sold $259.18
turf in roundstone co galway, 32x12 in Sold $447.68
inagh valley bogland 2011, 32x12 in Sold $506.58
galway hooker fishing boat, 16x12 in Sold $329.87
misty morning connemara, 30x40 in Sold $530.15
ballinahinch lake, 16x12 in For Sale $329.87
titanic,,leaving ireland, 32x12 in Sold $530.15
old bridge leenane, 30x20 in Sold $447.68
connemara springtime 2012, 24x18 in For Sale $376.99
killary spring light, 10x14 in For Sale $329.87
frank- a neighbour, 18x24 in Sold $447.68
connemara reflections 2012, 32x12 in For Sale $530.15
recess river 2012, 10x14 in For Sale $329.87
recess reflections feb, 14x10 in For Sale $259.18
cleggan bogland, 10x12 in For Sale $212.06
quiet man bridge, 16x20 in For Sale $329.87
maam light, 14x10 in For Sale $212.06
omey strand view, 20x16 in Sold $329.87
sheep grazing letterfrack co galway, 16x20 in Sold $329.87
pine island 2012, 30x40 in For Sale $447.68
view from breaffy hotel castlebar, 12x14 in For Sale $259.18
recess reflections 12, 16x12 in Sold $212.06
aughrisbeg beach 2011, 16x20 in Sold $376.99
sunset birds, 10x14 in For Sale $212.06
the courting scene quiet man, 16x20 in For Sale $329.87
from the film "the quiet man", 24x18 in For Sale $530.15
roundstone bog road, 12x16 in For Sale $259.18
killary sunset boat, 10x14 in Sold $223.84
2012 calender, 16x12 in For Sale $17.67
aughrisbeg lake october, 48x12 in Sold $471.24
lake crossing oughterard co galway, 18x24 in Sold $376.99
tvr tuscan, 14x10 in Sold $223.84
the wild atlantic, 20x12 in Sold $329.87
inagh reflections sept 11, 12x16 in Sold $329.87
seaside cottage 2011, 24x18 in Sold $376.99
aughrisbeg lake, 20x12 in Sold $329.87
roundstone boats, 14x10 in Sold $259.18
omey island july 2011, 18x24 in Sold $447.68
valley sheep, 40x30 in Sold $530.15
glynsk galway hooker, 20x16 in Sold $329.87
killary sunset may 11, 24x18 in Sold $447.68
cleggan swans, 16x12 in Sold $329.87
ballinahinch 2010, 16x12 in Sold $329.87