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Cathal O Malley

Pricelist - acyrlics of life (133 Images)

Address :

aughrismore, cleggan Clifden , Ireland

Telephone : 086 0792191 / 087 0792191

derryinver co galway, 10x12 in Sold $147.71
sails in the sunset, 16x12 in Sold $344.65
sligo castle, 20x30 in Sold $677.00
omey strand co galway, 16x20 in Sold $393.89
old school,omey island, 18x14 in Sold $344.65
pine island oct 2011, 30x40 in For Sale $553.91
richard harris as the bull mc cabe, 16x12 in For Sale $344.65
connemara snow, 30x20 in For Sale $393.89
in to the west, 14x18 in Sold $320.03
inagh lake boat, 14x18 in Sold $344.65
aughris pier cleggan, 30x12 in Sold $800.09
recess lake birds, 16x12 in Sold $307.73
roundstone harbour, 16x20 in Sold $430.82
roundstone bogland, 10x12 in Sold $258.49
sunlit bogland, 16x12 in Sold $344.65
quiet man, 16x20 in For Sale $467.74
CONNEMARA SUNSET, 10x12 in Sold $196.94
hungry lab pup, 16x16 in For Sale $270.80
lakeside trees, 16x20 in Sold $393.89
road to galway, 16x12 in Sold $344.65
galway fishing boat, 10x14 in Sold $258.49
kingstown currach, 10x14 in Sold $270.80
bogland connemara, 10x14 in Sold $233.87
river fishing ireland, 12x16 in Sold $270.80
dunmoran boat scene,,co sligo, 16x12 in Sold $344.65
kylemore lake tranquility, 22x18 in Sold $480.05
lakeside sheep, 16x12 in Sold $320.03
beautiful falls, 10x12 in Sold $147.71
sailing into a storm, 10x12 in For Sale $221.56
inagh reflections, 16x12 in Sold $270.80
inagh trees, 16x20 in Sold $430.82
ballinahinch lake scene, 24x18 in Sold $553.91
reflections, 16x12 in Sold $320.03
isle of inisfree, 8x10 in Sold $80.01
the great outdoors, 16x12 in Sold $307.73
connemara bogland, 14x18 in Sold $301.57
a day on the lake, 16x12 in Sold $344.65
cruising the shannon, 16x12 in Sold $301.57
angelina, 22x18 in Sold $430.82
dolphin fun, 16x12 in For Sale $221.56
a thinking place, 16x12 in Sold $338.50
portrait of a writer, 14x18 in Sold $430.82
lower sky road, 24x18 in Sold $553.91
steam train in thurles, 16x12 in Sold $344.65
inagh valley clouds, 16x12 in Sold $344.65
valley village, 16x12 in Sold $295.42
lake fishing, 16x22 in Sold $418.51
carna currach, 10x14 in Sold $221.56
derryclare lake, 22x18 in Sold $430.82
inagh valley reflections, 14x18 in Sold $430.82
horseshoe lake, 16x12 in Sold $295.42
leenane trees, 16x12 in Sold $233.87
lake scene,,west cork, 10x14 in Sold $158.79
the fly fisherman, 10x12 in Sold $116.94
ballinahinch forest stroll, 9x12 in Sold $221.56
recess river, 16x12 in Sold $221.56
gurteen beach, 16x20 in Sold $270.80
mr rooster, 13.5x10 in Sold $172.33
ceggan bay sunset, 24x18 in Sold $553.91
renvyle sunset, 16x12 in Sold $270.80
recess trees, 24x18 in Sold $344.65
the twelve bens, 24x18 in For Sale $393.89
stacys river, 16x12 in Sold $233.87
connemara river, 7x10 in Sold $55.39
swan lake, 16x12 in Sold $356.96
sligo ponies, 20x16 in Sold $393.89
the last snow, 16x12 in Sold $295.42
lough key lake, 12x10 in Sold $116.94
river journey, 12x12 in For Sale $270.80
my connemara, 16x20 in Sold $344.65
connemara sunlight, 16x12 in Sold $233.87
kylemore lake ,connemara, 10x14 in Sold $203.10
leenane pier, 16x12 in Sold $240.03
omey bay, 16x12 in Sold $270.80
autumn sun, 12x10 in Sold $116.94
celtic twilight, 10x12 in Sold $116.94
debs night, 16x20 in Sold $492.36
kerry lake, 10x14 in Sold $147.71
kylemore walk, 16x12 in Sold $240.03
ballinahinch lake,co galway, 22x18 in Sold $393.89
peaceful lake, 16x12 in Sold $270.80
twilight castle, 12x10 in Sold $172.33
lassie and landscape, 16x12 in Sold $295.42
galway hookers racing, 47x12 in For Sale $590.83
sunset in connemara, 12x16 in Sold $418.51
connemara light, 10x12 in Sold $393.89
maamcross reflections 2011, 16x12 in Sold $344.65
leenane boats, 16x12 in Sold $240.03
connemara clouds, 10x12 in For Sale $233.87
south connemara, 10x12 in For Sale $270.80
recess turf, 10x12 in Sold $393.89
bogland leenane, 10x12 in Sold $270.80
lake scene ,inagh valley co galway, 22x18 in Sold $430.82
downhill hotel view in ballina co mayo, 14x18 in For Sale $430.82
man united supporter, 16x12 in For Sale $344.65
galway boat sailing, 14x10 in For Sale $270.80
connemara showers, 16x12 in Sold $270.80
western twilight, 8x10 in Sold $203.10
forest walk 10, 24x18 in Sold $467.74
aill mhor, 16x14 in Sold $240.03