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Cathal O Malley

Pricelist - acyrlics in action (118 Images)

Address :

aughrismore, cleggan Clifden , Ireland

Telephone : 086 0792191 / 087 0792191

framed-autumn-connemara.jpg Sold Sold
glencar waterfall,,co leitrim, 16x12 in Sold $269.06
summer evening, 10x12 in Sold $110.07
connemara pony by river, 16x20 in Sold $428.05
anchor beach, 16x12 in Sold $336.33
omey island, 16x12 in Sold $269.06
benbulben mountain,,co sligo, 16x20 in Sold $428.05
ghost ships, 30x40 in For Sale $550.35
maamcross view, 10x12 in Sold $195.68
orange or wine, 12x10 in Sold $103.96
omey bay, 10x14 in Sold $299.64
how small we are, 20x18 in Sold $232.37
road to leenane, 16x12 in Sold $299.64
sailing home, 9x8 in Sold $79.50
maamcross sheep, 16x12 in Sold $293.52
bridge to a castle, 16x12 in Sold $293.52
ladders of life, 10x14 in For Sale $428.05
ballinahinch rivr, 16x12 in Sold $342.44
connemara cottage, 16x12 in Sold $428.05
bridge in leenane, 10x14 in For Sale $256.83
cottage by omey strand, 14x18 in For Sale $391.36
benbulben mountain sunset co sligo, 16x20 in Sold $428.05
inagh valley rd,co galway, 10x12 in For Sale $220.14
connemara bogland, 16x12 in Sold $299.64
girl on a beach, 16x12 in Sold $342.44
ballinahinch castle hotel, 36x24 in Sold $611.50
omey island, 10x12 in Sold $110.07
table of memories, 14x18 in For Sale $428.05
king charles, 10x14 in For Sale $201.80
atlanticwaves, 10x12 in For Sale $116.19
christmas in connemara, 16x12 in Sold $201.80
galway sunset, 8x10 in Sold $157.77
cottages by the sea, 8x10 in Sold $110.07
dunmoran beach,,co sligo, 24x18 in Sold $342.44
fishing on the rocks, 22x18 in For Sale $428.05
crater lake, 10x12 in For Sale $146.76
sails in the sunset, 16x12 in Sold $317.98
mountain view, 16x20 in For Sale $293.52
cruagh sunset, 10x14 in Sold $177.34
connemara pony, 16x20 in Sold $550.35
bog road roundstone, 8x10 in Sold $67.27
connemara pony 2, 16x12 in Sold $428.05
inagh valley, 12x16 in Sold $220.14
ballinahinch forest, 16x12 in Sold $305.75
forest walk, 16x12 in Sold $220.14
autum colours, 16x12 in Sold $269.06
river fishing, 16x12 in Sold $342.44
swans in a swirl, 22x20 in For Sale $428.05
river birds, 10x14 in Sold $116.19
clifden snow, 24x18 in Sold $391.36
dolphins in cleggan, 20x16 in Sold $342.44
benbulben co sligo, 26x20 in Sold $550.35
inisturk sunset, 16x12 in Sold $269.06
the card cheat, 14x18 in Not For Sale $269.06 Not For Sale
ballinahinch cottage, 14x18 in Sold $391.36
tree, 10x12 in For Sale $171.22
ballinahinch sunset, 16x12 cm Sold $201.80
family, 16x12 in Sold $428.05
sheep beside lake, 18x14 in Sold $220.14
roisin, 16x12 in Not For Sale Not For Sale
connemara summer, 16x20 in Sold $440.28
still life with wine, 14x10 in Sold $171.22
aughrisbeg anchor, 10x14 in Sold $171.22
road to clifden, 10x12 in Sold $116.19
busy butterfly, 16x12 in Sold $293.52
leenane landscape, 12x16 in Sold $305.75
in the steps of alcock and brown, 16x20 in Sold $342.44
through the window, 16x20 in Sold $305.75
figures at lakeside, 12x16 in Sold $269.06
who is out there?, 14x10 in For Sale $122.30
dog artist, 16x12 in For Sale $220.14
sligo scene, 20x30 in Sold $415.82
galway fishing boat, 12x16 in Sold $342.44
natures way, 16x12 in Sold $232.37
turf on connemara bog, 18x14 cm Sold $269.06
evening light, 6x10 in Sold $79.50
figures at lakeside, 16x12 in Sold $232.37
errirlannanan, 13x20 cm Sold $428.05
ballinahinch lake,co galway, 24x18 in Sold $550.35
inishbofin sunset, 14x10 in For Sale $269.06
ashleagh falls, 16x20 in Sold $317.98
mountain reflection, 18x14 in Sold $269.06
ship in storm, 10x14 in Sold $171.22
maamcross view, 16x12 in Sold $269.06
day break norway, 10x12 in Sold $157.77
butterfly on pink flower, 10x14 in Sold $171.22
forest horse, 20x24 in Sold $428.05
ballinahinch castle and lake, 26x48 in Sold $672.65
the field, 24x18 in Sold $428.05
arizona sunset, 10x12 in Sold $91.73
ship on the ocean, 16x12 in For Sale $232.37
connemara cottage, 16x12 in Sold $232.37
oisin, 16x12 in Not For Sale Not For Sale
kingstown twilight, 16x12 in Sold $342.44
anniversary, 24x18 in Sold $464.74
slyne head co galway2010, 24x18 in Sold $428.05
inagh valley cattle, 16x12 in Sold $342.44
west coast lighthouse, 12x10 in Sold $269.06
river scene, 10x14 in Sold $85.61
atlantic fury, 12x30 cm For Sale $550.35