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Cathal O Malley

Pricelist - acyrlics for everyone (109 Images)

Address :

aughrismore, cleggan Clifden , Ireland

Telephone : 086 0792191 / 087 0792191

cliffs of moher, 10x14 in Sold $246.08
inishbofin currach, 10x14 in For Sale $210.92
road to roundstone, 32x12 in Sold $410.13
sunset fisherman, 14x10 in For Sale $210.92
kingstown bay, 12x32 in Sold $410.13
view from doon co galway, 16x12 cm Sold $328.10
connemara lake, 30x40 in Sold $585.90
tranquil lake, 32x12 in Sold $410.13
omey island view 2012, 32x12 in For Sale $410.13
the stag fight, 27x39 in For Sale $527.31
kylemore snow, 20x28 in Sold $468.72
scene from the film, 12x30 in Sold $410.13
water fun, 30x40 in Sold $585.90
inagh mountains, 30x40 in Sold $585.90
dawn reflections, 24x18 in Sold $398.41
cleggan bay, 10x14 in Sold $246.08
roundstone boat, 10x14 in Sold $257.80
sailing galway hooker, 30x40 in Sold $585.90
drumboe woods, 20x20 in For Sale $374.98
maam bogland, 10x14 in For Sale $257.80
lighthouse bay, 16x12 cm For Sale $257.80
autumn in connemara, 10x12 in For Sale $187.49
pine island spring, 24x18 in Sold $374.98
trees by a river, 10x14 in Sold $246.08
river cottage, 16x12 in Sold $328.10
burkes house recess, 16x12 in Sold $328.10
the magic tree, 24x24 in For Sale $468.72
galway hooker ballinakill, 16x12 cm Sold $328.10
connemara lakeside turf, 20x30 in Sold $468.72
kylemore lake autumn, 10x14 in Sold $257.80
mannin co galway, 10x14 in For Sale $246.08
reflections of connemara, 16x12 in For Sale $328.10
omey races strand, 16x12 in Sold $328.10
tribute to aiden, 16x12 in Sold Sold
connemara recess bogland, 10x14 in For Sale $257.80
kylemore lakeside sheep, 16x20 in Sold $328.10
slyne head lighthouse, 30x40 in Sold $761.67
pine island, 13.5x20 in Sold $328.10
swan lake, 13.5x20 in Sold $328.10
quiet man cottage, 13.5x20 in Sold $328.10
storm lighthouse, 10x12 in Sold $140.62
pontoon lake co mayo, 10x12 in Sold $140.62
summer inagh valley road, 30x40 in Sold $761.67
screaming gulls, 30x40 in Sold $761.67
omey houses, 14x10 in Sold $257.80
ballinahinch reflections, 30x40 in Sold $761.67
cottages in the mountains, 16x12 in Sold $257.80
carna cottages, 16x20 in Sold $410.13
maam horses, 30x20 in For Sale $527.31
the great wave, 21x21 cm Sold $99.60
omey island, 16x12 in Sold $328.10
summers end, 13x20 in Sold $328.10
connemara showers bogland, 10x14 in Sold $187.49
quiet man cottage, 16x12 in Sold $328.10
crocknaraw,moyard co galway, 16x12 in Sold $328.10
the old bog road, 10x14 in Sold $257.80
good fishing, 16x12 in Sold $328.10
southhill, 16x20 in Sold $527.31
connemara lakeside sheep, 16x12 in Sold $257.80
connemara view, 32x12 in Sold $410.13
omey island, 32x12 in Sold $527.31
evening silence, 10x14 in Sold $257.80
mountain river, 16x12 in Sold $257.80
recess house, 20x24 in Sold $527.31
sleepy village, 10x14 in Sold $187.49
connemara cottage, 16x12 in Sold $328.10
isle of inisfree,,logh gill co sligo, 18x14 in Sold $328.10
killary boat, 16x22 in For Sale $374.98
lonesome boatman, 16x12 in Sold $328.10
ponies by a lake, 16x20 in Sold $410.13
fade away, 10x12 in Sold $187.49
river cottages, 10x14 in Sold $152.33
lake boat kylemore, 14x10 in Sold $246.08
glassilaun beach connemara, 18x14 in Sold $328.10
homeward bound, 16x12 in For Sale $328.10
meadow fun, 16x20 in For Sale $374.98
kylemore stroll, 10x12 in Sold $146.48
inagh valley bogland, 16x12 in Sold $328.10
sunset seagulls, 16x12 in For Sale $328.10
sheltering ships, 30x40 in Sold $527.31
twilight ships, 30x40 in Sold $562.46
summer river, 10x14 in Sold $246.08
recess lake jan, 16x12 in Sold $374.98
roundstone currach, 10x12 in Sold $140.62
leenane river, 20x30 in For Sale $445.28
leenane clouds, 24x18 in For Sale $374.98
horse shoe lake, 24x18 in Sold $351.54
winter light connemara, 10x14 in Sold $210.92
the flight of alcock and brown, 20x30 in Sold $527.31
bog road leenane co galway, 24x18 in Sold $468.72
lake refections spring, 24x18 cm Sold $410.13
atlantic swell, 24x18 in Sold $410.13
the bull mccabe, 20x16 in Sold $445.28
lake reflections july, 20x30 in Sold $468.72
recess river 2010, 24x18 in For Sale $328.10
a connemara day, 10x14 in For Sale $281.23
cottage by omey strand, 14x18 in Sold $374.98
inagh valley sunshine, 16x20 in For Sale $410.13
rossidilisk beach, 16x20 in Sold $374.98
view from rossleague hotel, 24x18 in Sold $468.72