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Viktor Kovbunov Kyiv-37, Ukraine | Sep 9, 2008

Thanks for your comments. Must be beautiful in the west this week. See where you get your inspiration for your beautiful landscapes..

BILL O'BRIEN Ireland | May 16, 2008

OOps no not Afghanistan actually a little more local. What a brilliant website! Self taught eh? By the Universe perhaps. I like those red sails in the sunset. D'ya think you might have been Japanese in a previous incarnation?

jeananne crowley Ireland | Apr 23, 2008

hi cathel see you soon patti

patti austin United States | Apr 11, 2008

Congrats Cathal on a great website and fabulous paintings. Wishing you continuing success in the future.

Declan Maher

Cathal your artworks are so beautiful your paintings let us see what our Irish Grandfather and Greatfather might have see. Just thought we'd drop a line you Central Austrlian Aboriginal Anmatyerre Irish Artists Rhubee and Leti

Leti Scott Australia | Jan 23, 2008

Cathal, Beautiful work Tom ( The Crane )

Tom Heneghan Ireland | Dec 6, 2007

Love your work Cathal! Great site too Dee

Dee Walsh United Nations | Oct 14, 2007

Hello Cathal,your work is absolutely has an instantly calming effect...beautiful. Well done, you should be very proud.

Amanda Hogan Iran | Oct 12, 2007

great paintings ! all the best, Deis


Thanks for the encouraging words. You have brilliant landscapes. Gerry :-)

Gerry Taylor

Thanks for your lovely comment. I love the sense of peace and tranquility in your work and how the scenes are bathed in a soft light.

Elaine Bowe Ireland | May 26, 2007

Nice work Cathal

Johnny Brennan

Good job

canvas art | Oct 29, 2006

Thanks for your kind words on my pages on the Site. Keep up the good work yourself. And keep in touch.Stephen Shaw, Belfast

Stephen Shaw Iran | Aug 17, 2006

Nice site... Very cool design! Useful information. Go on!

m M MMMMMM, France | Aug 17, 2006

merci pour votre visite sur mon site, je viens de regarder vos peintures, j'aime beaucoup de realisme de vos paysage, la lumiere qui s'en degage et la tranquillité qui en ressort. bravothank you for your visit on my site, I look at your paintings, I like much realism of your landscape, the light which of degage and the peace which comes out cheer from it

Levy Michele France | Aug 4, 2006

Hi there cathal o'malley I was the one you was speaking to in clifden hospital, i was there with my mother and father .Twas nice to look at some of your art work and see the pictures that you have painted . Maybe some time i will open a website and put my drawings in too. All the best now . Martin O'Malley

Martin O'malley United Nations | May 21, 2006

Hi great to see your work on line Beautiful paintings keep up the good work

Ruth Conneely Iran | Apr 23, 2006

this is another gud site there is an omalley guestbook the site is at . wer frm doncaster uk if ud like to know anythng then email us on if u want to know about family living in uk or anything ok thanx alot luv kellie n olivia omalley!! :)

Kellie n United Nations | Mar 31, 2006

félicitations. Belle sensibilité et maitrise technique!


Hi Cathal Great to see your work is still as inspiring. Your work is amazing. Keep up the good work. Talk soon Best wishes Mary

Mary Doyle Ireland | Jan 28, 2006

Great to view the pictures on the site, they look tremendous, we are delighted with our o malley collection at home.

john mc Panama | Dec 12, 2005

your love affair with the wonders of the west of Ireland is reflected within the mystery of your landscapes- they are still wonderful-never stop painting

Bernard V. Panama | Oct 14, 2005

hello, I am too on artmajeur and I admire you work, best regards

maevy-1 France | Jul 5, 2005

Hi Cathal,Just thought I'd get my "spoke" in before you become too famous and I can always say: "That great artist Cathal O'Malley, sure, I know him well!"

Mark King Iran | Jun 25, 2005

hi cathal!delighted to see you have your website up and running!wishing you all sucess in your forthcoming exhibition regards theresa

theresa casey Iran | Jun 11, 2005

Congratulations Cathal on a brillant web site. Excellent paintings on show, keep up the good work.

Thomas & Iran | Jun 6, 2005

Hi Cathal,Love the website. Keep up the good work. Angela

Angela McDonnell Iran | May 17, 2005

Bonjour , J'aime beaucoup votre peinture?vos paysages sont d'une grande douceur et portent à rêver.Félicitations.(que pensez-vous de mes aquarelles? )

Irene Streichert Hoffart France | May 9, 2005