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A New Direction: most recent 22 Images

since my 2005 life-changing, or at least Art-changing epiphany, as i expected, my Art is maturing and changing. Recently I did a number of small pieces for mrs Huizenga's store and experimented with painting on wood. It's fun but i am longing for larger pieces and have a shabby-looking binder-thingy, where I dump a few inspiring images hoping for a visit of my muse. I have retreated back in the woods of my imagination and want to paint just for me for a while, find meaningful inspiration, stay a...

A new direction : Recent paintings 19 Images

Medium used are: Watercolours, natural pigments and crayons. painted on hot press Arches watercolour paper and Strathmore cold press for larger pieces. The subjects are taken from the Canadian landscape, Canadian consciousness and myths and the sacred vast, beautiful mysterious Canadian forest.

Ink blot interpretations and collages 7 Images

Series of spontaneous drawings started from ink blots or accidental patterns.

Older works - Archives 15 Images

These works date from before 2005. They include mainly illustrative work ,though some have already some of the quality of my more recent work (post 2005).

Art Cards 15 Images

painted on black Arches watercolour paper with fine watercolours and quality crayons. These are not a copy and I do not make my cards in a row. I make no preliminary drawings. I start with a brush in my hand. my cards are signed and dated on the front, and at the back is the title and my contact information. My colours are carefuly chosen to be vibrant and rich. (TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE-DETAILS COMING SOON IN THE ANNOUNCEMENT SECTION)

The things I make : Folk Art 23 Images

when I don't paint I make things. It relaxes me and it makes great gifts. Here are a few samples.

Vie et vue d'Artiste 13 Images

Stuff... stuff to feed a hungry crowd about the life of an artist. Not that exiting really. A way to put a context behind the images I paint without having to pretend that I am a writer. I am going first to make a few photos right now of my space, both mental and physical...